Dracthyr - Soar (Needs CD Reduction)

The test feedback is unanimous Blizz.

Remove the CD.
Unnerf Soar.
Allow Dragonriding in old content.

Every single tester, content creator, streamer, player, and Murloc is telling you this so if you really want to convince us you learned a lesson from Shadowlands you need to show us instead of shoving more poor design choices down our throats and telling us we dont know what we want.


From what I see from the community, it doesn’t seem to me that people want anything better than dragonriding. We just want to dragonriding using the Dracthyr form with the limitations, resources, skills, and progression system.

Edit: I do think that people that are complaining that Soar is OP would be fine too


They would certainly lose a leg to stand on. If Soar was just tied to dragon riding proper, and basically just acted as a cosmetic skin for Dracthyr, then we would all have the same options. At least in Dragon Isles. If they did that I would understand if Soar was disabled in the old world, though I would rather them just add dragon riding everywhere with a disclaimer that it may break things. Similar to what the GW2 devs did when they added mounts.


With all the testing I’ve done on the alpha, I don’t really see Soar breaking anything in the old world. It disconnects me sometimes, but Fel Rush still does that, so whatever. That’s just WoW being WoW.

I had hope that they started to learn, but the fact that this nerf is even being considered proves to me that they haven’t learned a damn thing. They’re still trying to solve problems that don’t exist, in the most intrusive way possible.

It’s just Conduit Energy all over again.


Please share feedback on the test page. Were sort of counting on testers to push back for our sake here.


I would, but I just got alpha in the last wave, and I can’t post on those forums yet, for some reason.

I’ll copy/paste my post above over there when it lets me.

They’re already getting flamed by community council members on the Dragonriding feedback thread though, which is really funny.


Thank you so much, Im really hopeful that Blizz will finally learn a lesson and listen to their testers but I dont want to hold my breath.


Oh, that part there was a nod to when GW2 added their mounts. Completely new movement system in a game that never had mounts before. Devs basically told us that the old world wasn’t designed for em, but they thought it was silly to only have em in the new areas. So they just said use at your own risk, because weirdness might happen. :slight_smile:


Oh, I never played GW2, so I have zero context for any of that.

That would be the way to do it though, just warn everyone that things might get real weird real quick.


It should be incredibly easy for them to realize the truth of this list, and yet they’re almost definitely not going to do it, because post-Wrath Blizzard is practically allergic to making good decisions.


Oh I know.

It’s real low-hanging fruit man. All they have to do is pick it up. :roll_eyes:


As I replied to another poster - if they’re going to be this tone deaf when it comes to blatantly ignoring feedback and doing the opposite of the feedback, I’m going to respond with snark. :stuck_out_tongue:

Try logging out and in of the forums, sometimes it’s needed to kickstart it. Though it’s possible your account hasn’t been flagged on the forums yet too.


Oh yeah, I’ve tried that. Tried switching characters over and over too. I guess it’s just being slow.

It’s just disingenuous too man. Like, those reasons they gave don’t make any sense. Had they given a good reason, I might be less upset.

Pet battles? Old raids? A leveling system Evokers can’t even do?

Hard pass.


Pet Battles are 60% of the game for me, and I can say with utmost confidence >1% of pet battlers will care if a dracthyr can fly to a pet battle. They aren’t limited, and those that are limited no longer have competition.

As for Old Raids, and? I can teleport to Molten Core thanks to my WoD Challenge Mode reward, and teleport to the mountain as a Dark Iron too. My dark iron can also teleport relatively close to multiple raids. Etc.

As I keep saying in many threads, mage teleports, vulpera second hearth, dark iron mole machines, etc. all save WAY more time than Soar would save even with a 2 min CD and max speed.


Yeah, if someone wants to make an Evoker just to fly between pet battle NPCs, let them. Who cares?

Besides, from my experience you can’t even reach top speed very easily in the old world and go very far, unless you jump from Gorribal or something.


You can’t. There’s like zero elevation.

Very few places, like Hyjal would give you enough speed.


The only thing overpowered about Soar is jumping off Nordrassil, and buzzing the watchtowers in Orgrimmar while you have Danger Zone blasting at max volume. :dracthyr_lulmao:


:clap:t3: Remove :clap:t3: the :clap:t3: cooldown :clap:t3: on :clap:t3: Soar :clap:t3: Blizz! :clap:t3:


Monday and still no developer response to the backlash of the soar nerf, no news of CD removal either.



Or if I want to use them to fly fast between raids to collect MAIL transmog that THEY. CAN’T. EVEN. USE. IN. DRAGON. FORM.