Dracthyr look ridiculously awful

Great, we’re on Twitter. Dare to disagree with something i said? You hurt my feefees and i will now use the psychology degree i got out of a box of Cheerios to declare you a narcissistic sociopath.

It doesn’t? Feel free to dig and find another Evoker looking just like me?

Idk, i rolled my toon knowing fully well they functioned differently than normal characters in these aspects. Prolly why i’m cool with it.


Says the shirtless horned angsty illiadian wanna be…


I can find a lot of Evokers with shoulder armour that clashes stylistically, texturally, and… colourly? I’m one of them. It doesn’t mean that we don’t look horrible, or at the very least, would look infinitely better with armour that actually matches the pieces we toss on our shoulders.

And that’s fine. That doesn’t mean it isn’t an issue for other people, nor does it make that issue any less legitimate.

I absolutely love my Drac, and I swapped to main him this xpac. But I can’t deny the heads are too small. Doesn’t need to be a WHOLE lot bigger, just a little.


It’s like I’m really on furaffinity or second life!

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Good save brotha, I thought I was enjoying mine but checked the forums just in case. I can put my worries to rest now. Class sucks.


Of course, and it’s for the best honestly. Imagine if you spent the entire expansion on your Evoker - what a potential mess. Sometimes it takes a wake up call to realize your life mistakes. And if blizzard can redo them completely, then you’ll be able to play them again!


Counter point, i like it anyway so ¯_(ツ)_/¯

And that wasn’t even my point anyway. My point was that i still managed to make a pretty unique character. Whether you like it or not is irrelevant.

You had to post that on a Female Gnome.

Dracthyr posting invalidates all cosmetic comments.


Once Dragonflight is over and they didn’t purposely made them broken like every other class during their launch, the Evoker playerbase will tank.

The class is just too goofy, this is not what people expect when they said they want a dragon race LOL.

They looks like a clown with their rainbow spells.


There are objective and subjective qualities to aesthetics and preferences in general.

I love old Godzilla movies. They are objectively terrible. They are subjectively fantastic. My subjective preference for them does not invalidate those objective shortcomings, even if those shortcomings are endearing to me.

And like I said, that’s fine. Like what you like. I’m sincerely happy for you. That’s not what I’m taking issue with. My point is that, regardless of your personal preferences, there remains an issue. The OP is totally out of line, but there is a kernel of truth there.

Yes, it’s sad but true. It’s like an overweight doctor, everything they say immediately raises suspicion.


Never said i’m a reference for visuals.

All i said is that if we’re going to go down a rabbit hole of assumptions, there’s worse stuff than furry art.

My sweet, sweet child…


Then you’re just missing the point, most people here are talking about their visuals.


Midget p0rn?


Man spitting facts


To add icing on that sad cake, whatever evokers remain will look horribly anachronistic in whatever future content exists.

Just like DKs.
Just like monks.
Just like DHs.

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Its funnier and abit creepier because you’re a gnome.

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How about you just come back to classic and tank for us? Huh?!??!