DPS Warrior LFG

Pretty simple. Just a fury/arms warrior looking for a guild to raid with and do dungeons with. I’d prefer to stay on the Dalaran server I’m currently on, but would maybe server transfer. I finished Castle Nathria at 6/10m (guild split partway through tier). I haven’t raided at all this tier due to life stuff, but rn my 241 ilvl warrior does about 9.2k dps in mythic plus.

Hi, if you don’t find a home on Dalaran, feel free to check us out below and give a poke if interested.
Good luck to ya!

Hey there we are on Proudmoore currently 5/10 M in SoD and looking to add a warrior to our roster! Add me on discord Naishala#1875 and let’s chat!

Hi there :slight_smile:

I’m from Eternal Kingdom on Proudmoore-A, looking at you for Team Legacy which raids M/T/W 7-10 PST (will be an hour later next tier). Currently working on p3 Painsmith & gearing up to push harder next tier. Is that something that would interest you? If so my btag is Feyranna#1659 and discord Feyranna#1966 I’d love to hear from you!