Dps war LF weekday raiding guild

Any time after 8pm AEDT is fine.

Looking for AOTC / mythic prog

Fury/Arms warrior rio/logs respectively
warcraftlogs(dot)com/character/id/75174520 (Name was flagged)

My M+ character.

my dragon w. legendary.

Had to prepare for an audit at my company, had to stop mid-patch.

bnet: tanmitties#1383
discord: TanMitties#6713

edits: added evoker

Hey there!

My guild on Barthilas is currently looking for a dps war for our mid-end tier team.

Have a look over out post to see if this suits your schedule, and if you have any questions please feel free to reach out to me on discord (cynters)

Look forward to gearing from you!

So if we raid at 8:30p EST 11/16, that would be like 12:30a for you, 11/18. Which means you would know the future! Crazy.

No more replies, guild found, thanks all.