DPS Shaman w/ Resto OS - Returning LF Guild

Hello there, I am a returning player from early Shadowlands focusing on maining my shaman as either Enhancement or Elemental with a strong desire to flex in to a healing spot as needed for a team.

My background includes GM / Raid lead of two previous CE guilds that I formed, extensive mythic raiding history, and heroic raid history before mythic was a part of the game. My goal would be to try to get on a team where I could be an asset in a flex / back up sort of role. The reason for the back up is because my work schedule prevents me from attending every raid every week.

Currently am 2600 IO after a couple weeks back as resto in keys, 266 ilvl with 2 set, and the ability to get 4 set if I had to with the creation catalyst.

I raided early shadowlands, and I played my rogue a bit early on in Sepulcher so I do have some logs that I believe were Normal or Heroic only at the time. I can provide those if need be.

Also have other classes / specs I could possibly play for the right team.

Illmerica#1459 Bnet
Struggle#8815 Discord

Hey Strug,

I am GM over at Project Cloverfield and I was wondering if you would be interested in chatting a bit about joining our guild.

Please add me at bruneski#1367 and I look forward to speaking with you. In the meantime, check out our post here

i didnt see your availability so ill just leave our guild spam and hope to hear from you!