Dotty, the charity pet...sort of

The usual suspects are still at it I see. :laughing:

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i gotta do something to pass time before dinner


Fair dues dude! We all need a hobby. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Not sure what is going on at Blizzard. Why that particular cap? Is there a law out there, which limits the amount a charity organization can receive per company?

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I miss worded something deleted it, I didn’t answer you and you are bothered now several hours later. It’s nice that you feel the need to get an answer out of me, please feel free to carry on reading down, I addressed it.

I don’t see why you keep bringing up numbers when you fail to include the other donations raised by Blizzard this year. And I still don’t get you trying to drag up something I said hours ago that covered both replies. That help appease your mind?

I won’t change my stance here. I am gosh darn proud of Blizzard for their historical donations.

It’s $500k higher than they’ve ever gotten from any charity pet.

Yes, actually. They’re limited to 10% of their pretax income. We don’t know how much they donate outside of the charity pet deal.


I’m taking the op at face value.

The intent is to be neutral and not pro/ against it from one extreme or the other.

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Is it worth it to catch up on this thread or just the same arguments being recycled?

are we still pretending to be outraged by this?

…hasn’t a new “non issue” come along in the last 24 hours?


Then why are you feeding into it if you think it’s trolling and negative?

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You’re assuming that they’re honest, which isn’t neutral. It should be pretty clear that they’re dishonest given that they abandoned the thread once it built up enough steam to keep going on it’s own.

Another 12.7 mil was raised through OW for breast cancer research, that one out there for sure. I haven’t been able to find out what they raised at Blizzcon either though off their charity auction.

That’s a few they made public, we do know they make others as well, that they don’t broadcast.

I’m just taking the words at face value.

Assuming it’s clear that they are dishonest is more toxic than approaching the conversation in a neutral manner.

https:/ /imgur .com/a/iCbLbfk

i mean id believe you if it wasn’t me that you miss worded it too and then deleted the post, fortunately somehow the reply to your reply has saved your reply

why am i bringing it up hours later, well because i was afk

why dont i bring up their prior donations this year, well because they finished the third quarter with only 204 million retained and if they donated their current cap of 600 million theyd have lost all their investors

also were on the same side

Says the guy with the second highest post count in the thread.

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Unless a blue has corrected you (I’m on mobile and it’s being laggy):

Blizzard, like many companies, is setting a charity limit. They’ll donate X amount 100% to charity, and then the rest is absorbed.

In my opinion the notice should change immediately upon completion. Once the allotted charity amount is reached it should no longer be a charity pet. I also wonder if it couldn’t be false advertising otherwise (fine print be damned, no one reads that and that’s exactly how people get away with it).

Whether Blizzard does that or not is not known to me.

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But you’re not being neutral if you’re taking their side.

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They didn’t take a side. They requested clarification and asked multiple questions.


It’s literally all the same people making all the same arguments, on both sides (myself included).

There are a couple latecomers who started spouting some pretty ridiculous conspiracy theories. They couldn’t back up their claims, though, so they made a big show of leaving the thread (except they’re still :heart:ing posts)


You just can’t help yourself can you? :rofl: