Dos +12 buggy Mueh'zala no spawn many sad

i was doing a dungeon on my monk it was a +12 de other side killed everything we were sosposed to kill and last boss wouldnt spawn had 10 mins left to kill him waited it out tried reloading , jumping off side walking outt a dungeon everything dudeman just wouldnt spawn :confused: (does this mean we kicked all the a** in the dungeon and he was too scared to show up?) but yah im not asking for anything i just wanted yall to know its a thing that happened i hope ya have a great day (a title like “made Mueh’zala hide” would be f*in awesome too :slight_smile: ) think it over pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! anyways thanks for your time have a great week :slight_smile:

A friend of mine had it bug out where it didn’t give them credit for killing Hakkar in the objectives list, though he was obviously dead (and marked as such in the dungon journal).

donno i went back and checked all the bosses they were all dead. i had alot of free time in there trying to figure it out