Door of Shadows

Can we fix this please? If it does not disorient it does not need a cast time.

Maybe the two charges, .5s max.

Disorient 1s cast time.

1.5s baseline is probably one of your worst designs this expansion.

Starting to think I should charge you for doing your job.


Of course you think that, blinky! We’ve all had a taste of NF shimmer and we want more :zombie:


Why is someone that has mobility saying that other classes should have mobility, bad?

I really like the animation for door of shadows. The sound effects too are awesome. I’d be sad if i didn’t get to see / hear them.


I didn’t say it was a bad thing! In fact, I have been advocating for click-map-to-teleport for years now!


remember when forum was freaking out at the start of the xpac thinking door of shadows is broken that everyone will be ventyr

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This was a thing in the alpha and the rage it caused in pvp.

Blink, blink, door, door, and by then blink is off cool down. It was good times. Almost as good and the fallen monks for venthry monks being actual dps. You could legit pop them then afk win a arena.

So you just want a second Blink that’s targeted?

And how would we get nifty effects?

I think the cast time is fine and it’s supposed to be different and have a cast time, because it’s targeted and not Blink.

Starting to think I’m glad that they don’t pay you.


You spelled Phenomenon wrong.

Cast time is too long and isn’t even modified by haste. Always a 1.5 sec. And that means half the distance is wasted with casting.

i don’t necessarily mind that it has a cast time, but i think the range should be increased. currently it doesn’t actually feel like i’m saving any time by using it, or the time saved is too insignificant to bother with the extra steps involved.

No. Never happened.

I hope you realize that I am primarily nightfae.