Doomwalker mount is 100%

There was a hotfix posted 4m ago

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Neat. I just did it on 14 Toons but it’s a good thing I have horde toons too

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Does Bellular know about this yet? Talliesin and Evitel? Accolonn? If it ain’t on a streamer’s channel, it ain’t real.

source that you got this from?

Forum post from blizz

The very forum you are reading and posting on.

lol when mount dropped i was screaming omg 1% chance and I got it. And then looked at news. Here thinking I was special lol

Got the toy on my very first kill, and already had an army of alts parked in the Caverns of Time to farm this thing out for the next month.

Nice that I’ll definitely get the mount tomorrow, and that I won’t have to hardcore farm this every day, but it would have been nice to have a reason to have all my alts at the Caverns. Guess it’ll be easy to farm up any interesting mogs, at least (I got the Akama scythe yesterday, as well).