Dont to ordos

He is already nigh unkillable even for us who do have access. Lust and crush or it is a bust

Use one of the toys you get for the achievements, then try again. The “August Celestial Wings” will let you fly across the gap just like the old cloak did

They’ve fixed the bridge in the time since this thread was made. You don’t even need to use the toy, just having Infinite Power XII will let you jump over the bridge.


Holy thread necro.

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I’m going to find a thread on WoD not being playable on launch date and tell them how I can play just fine and you just start the quest.


What’s silly is the EU forums will auto-lock threads after about a month of inactivity, so they clearly have the capability of doing it here. They just don’t for some bizarre reason.

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It works. I skipped mop. I can now kill ordos. This is a pointless crying about nothing thread.

Another falls for the classic blunder.

I blame the necromancers

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Must have been a loooooooooooong night. Dang insomnia!

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