Dont to ordos

blizzard screwed up and forgot to remove the legendary cape requirements and since you cant do that questline in remix ordos is 1000% unkillable for lots of players

Well that sucks. Was one of the few things I regretted missing first time around.

Discussion from Pandamonium clarification:

Does it not work that way after all? I can’t test it myself, since I could already reach Ordos. But if you’ve achieved the max rank of the cloak and level 70 and it still hasn’t unlocked, then they either changed something since that was posted, or they didn’t properly implement it.


Can confirm it does not work, just tried

been 70 and had max level cape like 12 to 20 hours after event went live and couldnt even cross the bridge

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Anyone figure out how to fix this?

sadly thats on blizzard to fix

fun fact, people who had the legendary cloak on their main and transmogged it onto their alts in the hopes of getting close to ordos were also not able to do so

you would have been able to seach the forums for these nearly a decade old posts if they weren’t culled in the great blizzard forum migration for being more than 2 months old.

Still can’t join ordos sanctum at all, despite having “infinite power XII” and a lvl 70. So yeah they keep changing things on the day by day these devs…

I got Ordos down today.

Everyone has to remove meta gems or he despawns at 50%

Don’t take him too close to the door or go in there or he despawns.

Took a few tries and the RL forcing everyone to remove their gems but we got him.

I was 69 for this, barely any XP for killing him.

Currently bugged where only those who have acquired the legendary cloak back in MoP can access Ordos.

My buddy who has the OG cloak(s) can use the jump function on his timerunning character, i however cant.

Yep still cant access but they hot fixed the frogs instead of fixing this


Changing a loot table is pretty fast and easy to do. Also it’s the weekend they rarely do hotfixes unless its an emergency and its quick.

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It very well could be another lie, like this:

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LOL, I remember seeing that and then the kor’kron set and heirlooms were for sale.

They still are actually, the heirlooms are on the vendor right now for anyone with the 2 bones and 8k bronze to spare.
The only part of it that proved true was that the mounts and CM sets didn’t come back.

I just said they were on sale.

lets fix frog farming but not fix the bridge not working correctly

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The Kor’kron Shaman armor is, but not the Kor’kron War Wolf. Of course, the Kor’kron Shaman armor is still available in game if you get lucky, unlike the War Wolf and the challenge mode sets.

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You aren’t missing anything except yet another tuning bug. 2 million damage per tick from fire that drops at his feet with a 1s cast, killing the tank unless they are very quick on the Blink. Then that tank WILL die to the soak mechanic because there’s no melee left alive. Ideal comp is 10 tanks, 1 healer, and 14 rdps. All on the same faction or else skip the healer and everyone has to yolo leech to survive.