Don't know what's more bursty, the meta, or ratings climbing in LFG. lol

It’s weird how all of your gains/losses seem to happen in clusters instead of being spread out.

Go on a winning streak, hit 2150, drop to 2100 the next time, get back to 2140, drop back to 2100 the next time, went on a 4 streak and hit 2166 tonight–waiting to drop back to like 2120 my next session. lol

No wonder people PVE. :joy: :joy:

I haven’t been doing well in RBGs, and haven’t much played them outside of guild pugs the last couple weeks, but I was stuck under 1400 until a few good matches almost put me at 1600 in a single day.

250 rating in one go, htf?

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Idk if id rather beat my head against a wall in pvp or pve. Pvp you have people at 2k who cant loot bodies or cc/kick.

Pve you have people who cant do mechanics in LFR to save their life and have 5x determination stacks and still barely beat the boss.

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I feel you there. I got bored and ran a 7, 8, and 10 on this guy tonight. Haven’t really done much PVE this season. They all went really well–but I’m sure if I run my 12 key it will be a disaster somehow. Lol

I do think I’m going to try to time all 10’s though. Not especially fond of the ‘The Proud’ title, but may as well go for it.

You could just join teams with a little higher CR than you that way you only lose 0-8 a loss, you’re a Holy Pal so it would be pretty easy to only app to higher groups.

PvE isn’t as frustrating, you don’t have to worry about class balance as much or getting CC’d constantly while still providing just as much of a challenge in Mythic Raids or high keys.

I like doing RBGs but I could never sit there for hours and play without burning myself out fast like I can with M+ and Raids.