Don't Kid Yourself, SL Is the Same as BfA

If you didn’t enjoy BfA, why would you enjoy SL? The expansion isn’t going to be some transformative experience, it’s more of the same with a few tweaks.

You’ll still be doing the same activities. Raiding. Mythic+. Dailies. The core endgame nearly exactly the same except they added 1 step: Torghast.

The expansion game design philosophy really hasn’t changed, there are still a metric buttload of systems in place to restrict you and artificially lengthen your playtime. Covenants/Renown/Soulbinds and Anima all exist to make it take longer for you to get to the point where you enjoy what you really do.

The more things change, the more they stay the same.


This was Legion as well, don’t forget about PvP.

Thankfully we will no longer be gated for Torghast. So we can do as many runs as we want, though the legendary materials will probably have a weekly cap.

We will have to see, they said no more AP grind and we haven’t seen Anima fully flushed out yet.

I am concerned about soulbinds but Blizzard has been open to change not long ago Torghast was going to require a currency to enter like Visions. That would have been something in place to restrict you but that has been removed.

Eh have to disagree for the time being. The unpruning so far is great and most classes feel like they are in a good place. Some desperately need some help like Shadow Priest.

What it comes down to if Shadowlands will be another BfA or Legion is the feel. I loved M+ in Legion it was fun and loved the dungeons. In BfA I don’t know what it is but I just don’t enjoy the M+ as much or the dungeons. Shadowlands dungeons to me are alot more interesting and fun than BfA’s were.

You also have Island Expeditions and Warfronts (Shoudl have also had a PvP Mode), there was so much potential but it fell flat. So far Torghast is alot more fun than Island Expeditions and Visions.

On top of that we won’t have the full randomness of Legion Legendaries where we Build-A-Legendary. If Legion had the acquisition from 7.3.5 or the way Shadowlands acquisition is turning out I would have been alot more found of the Legion Legendaries.

I am concerned about covenant abilities and feel they should be on a talent row and that Soulbinds should be relegated to outdoor content (and Torghast) only not instance to protect PvP Balance etc.

So far Shadowlands is looking alot better than the dumpster fire BfA was and the devs are actively making changes in the alpha.


And that’s a big deal why?


one big major difference pvp gear vendors.


Honestly I feel like it’s more fair to compare it to Legion.


My point is if you have severe problems with BfA (and a lot of people did/do), you shouldn’t delude yourself into thinking Shadowlands is WoW’s savior. It’s just a continuation of the Ion era.


It is the same game and the same people are designing it. Hopefully, those people have learned a thing or two from BfA.


im honestly hoping SL is more like legion, legion was some of the best content and i mostly missed out on it cause i was a noob


I think players into gatekeeping will enjoy it more. While players who just want to have fun will enjoy it less. There seems to be plenty of things getting put into place or removed in order to make life a little harder on the player that just wants to log in and do what ever they want with their subscription. It feels like a big push to make people try to do content they are not comfortable with.


I’m convinced that all these “Don’t kid yourself SL is the same as BFA” threads are just made by one sad and lonely person with too much time on their hands.

Do you need a hug OP? :hugs:


that’s illegal


Look, I am just happy I will get to play Thorghast when I am bored, no more sitting in main city for me, at least for a good while.


Ion said that there won’t be anything keeping us from chain running Torghast, so that’s something.


Question is, how many times can you do that before it feels extremely repetitive and boring. It’s just a basic rogue like so eventually it’ll feel like your just a mouse in a maze.


Are the forums always like this? Doomsayers of the forums for the new xpac? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

(New to the WoW forums, so genuinely asking.)

I mean tbh it’s kind of a smart move, your lowering your expectation which for how rough 2018 / 19 was for Blizzard is wise. But still, why the Doomsaying when the beta has at least another 3 months, if not more. That is If they stick with there original fall release date plan that they said back at Blizzcon.


What annoys me is how they implement content that people dont want to do because it’s not enjoyable then force them into doing it. Not a lot of people like M+ which is why they do their 15 and bail, Arena is dying because again theres few people that enjoy it, raiding is the same, you do your clear and cya next week, repetitive and frustrating dailies like the kill 3 rares or find chests that can take an hour to do at times.

People are doing the minimal of what they have to do because they have to do it and they end up resenting the game for it.


if you enjoyed legion, why would you hate bfa? bfa isn’t going to be some transformative experience, it’s more of the same with a few tweaks.

literally what you said could’ve been applied to bfa at this same point in it’s testing. i’d rather wait and see if blizz have actually learned a lesson before giving up entirely. there is a chance, though small, that they actually listen and we get a good expac.


I enjoy world quests, it was fun for me to progress gear wise that way nearly indefintly. I’ll be missing that personally. A system that was destroyed because people for some reason. Want me to be in their group.

when i would get bored of it, i’ll play a different game. no game is going to be fun for all of eternity. as good as wotlk was, if wow was left in that expac and never got another content update, this game would be dead. it doesn’t matter how good a game is, it will eventually die when people move on to the new thing.

as long as it’s fun in the now, i’ll play in the now.

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Welcome to 16 years of WoW?