Don't grp with Lockblade

POS was looking for help on his mount quest which I was happy to oblige and told him the only thing I needed out of there was the eidolon talisman for my SR set for Twin Emps(i’m a lock myself). He said that was fine. We do his thing then myself, the lock, and a hunter that stuck around needed the ghost boss. So we clear some packs over to it and the talisman drops. He rolls need on it and wins. I asked him if he was actually using it, he said yes, then its up on the AH for 1600g 5 mins after we leave. I wouldn’t complain had he said from the beginning “i’m rolling on it too” but he lied. Don’t help this POS out with anything and don’t give him the gold either. End rant

Seems like you got, Got.

Yup. Puttin it out there so others don’t get got

Hey. I’m an Officer of Lockblade’s guild. Mind if you send me more details about this? This is definitely not cool of him to do if this is all true.

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I don’t really have more than that. When I told him I just wanted the talisman and that I was going to use it for my SR set and he said it was cool and swiped it and sold it anyways. Like I said, had he said, “if it drops i’m gonna roll on it too” I would understand but he made it seem like the deal was I help him w/ his mount he helps me get the talisman

Master loot is the win