Dont count too hard on classic being really classic


Yeah no doubt they do. But one has to remember that PS players contain the most hardcore of the hardcore Vanilla enthusiasts so it’s not surprising.

(Rözen) #14

I was an awesome healer. I never had to respec because I had a good rep as a healer and I would be brought along for PVP/PVE to heal. I was a druid who had Alch/Herb which is practically made for druids lol.

(Pintero) #15

I hope Vanilla wow has Bully Hunters, since i missed the first time this was a thing.


I often used the patches for a free talent reset xD

Each time they did a patch that changed talents(which was almost all of them) you got a free respec

(Matcauthon) #17

On this i whole heartedly disagree. Classic is more then just 60 and below pre cata


they did but im saying how it is now, a separate slot in general. not taking a bag slot.

(Skjaldbjorn) #19

Hate dual spec, defeats the purpose of being specialized.


depending on the class at least. I know I would struggle as being MT and main focus was PVP, drained my pockets!


Soul shards now arent anything like classic. Not even comparable. Would be a very weird custom change.

(Randálthor) #22

It won’t be Blizz’s fault if Classic isn’t successful - it will be the community. Even if Blizzard does everything perfectly, it will be up to the community to decide if it succeeds. If these forums and the Trade chat on live is any indication, it will not do very well in the long run.

In 2004, Social Media was still pretty new, so people didn’t have the mindset yet to troll and flame everything anytime they want. Likewise, the people that were playing in 2004 were more likely to have gaming etiquette, as they knew there were consequences to letting their emotions fly in chat. Such as being publicly shunned from the community, including not getting invites to dungeons and raids.

Now however, a lot of players don’t care if they troll or be mean to others because there’s no consequences. So one of the things I am interested in seeing is how this generation of players will handle being forced to mind their keyboard rage or taking the chance of being left out of group content.


I do think it’d be cool if Blizzard restored the pre-Cata world in retail so that the retail players who prefer retail can visit it.

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You must be new here? :slight_smile:


This thread is nothing more than a growing ground for trolls.


You mean breeding ground, right?


Right! Thanks…

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Been here since day one. You know as well as I do every group has its fanatics.

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Haha yeah I know you’ve been around and are a rational contributor here. As long as there’s a 0% chance of someone else’s graphic settings impacting my play I don’t care what they do, but some people vehemently oppose the graphics toggle.


Now hold up. A graphics toggle is way different than a color blind mode.

They’ll probably get something wrong somewhere but I don’t see the cause for concern. Current information indicates that Blizzard is taking this seriously and has been proactive in meeting the communities expectations of what defines a Classic experience.

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Don’t confuse the Current WoW design team with the Classic devs. The Classic devs have done almost everything perfect so far. There’s three problems that I see: sharding, loot trading, and auto-squelch, and those issues might be out of their control.

(Modelcitizen) #32

You’re thinking of retail.