Don't buy boost or deluxe edition until

Soooo your plans are to dungeon grind your way to 70?

Good point, thank you for bringing this to my attention.

The 30 per day cap wasn’t even a thing until halfway through classic and no one died gtfo troll

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Yeah, this is probably the answer. These complaints probably have nothing to do with TBC. It’s about mages selling boosts for BE’s and Draenei.

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I don’t care what all you scrubs say. You don’t know this game at all. 30 is too low for people that aren’t working and for the people who have taken time off just to play this game. People on these forums are such shills for Blizzard. #StopTheCap


Im planning to dungeon boost to 60 and then 60-70.

I am fine with 30 per day limit. Ill live with having to take breaks to do other things.

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Looks like they just removed it. :slight_smile:

I call BS! Besides 30 instances a day if you run them back to back non-stop is between 8 -15 hours or dungeons a day, depending on how long you take to run them.

Doesn’t seem to matter they lifted the instance cap a few minutes ago.

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Way to cave Blizzard, enjoy bots farming instances and exploitive behavior.

The gold-sellers and botter are cheering the community’s praise right now.

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Even if you’re eying the boost or deluxe edition you’d may as well wait until the autumn 33-66% off sale on boosts/deluxe.

I mean people literally playing themselves to death bc they refuse to do anything other than play including eating/drinking…is this really a bad thing? Do we really need those traits circulating in the gene pool? Don’t mean to sound rude or anything but…come on…seriously?

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they removed 30 day cap

or you know, leave it to 5 per hour… times 24 hrs a day?
let people play the game they pay a monthly sub to play

How about spend your money however you damn well please, you earned it?

If your gonna bump an old topic you could at least put in that instance cap was removed officially. lol.

Lmao. If you have people quitting because of a 30 instance cap. You my friend have other issues.

I’m just here to say, Hi!

Where’s my TWO dollars!!! cool points if you get the movie reference