Don't Bother With This Server

I’m currently leveling on the alliance, and people in Sup Bro on the Horde side like to repeatedly kill characters that are leveling. I understand the concept of world PvP, but doing it over and over, especially on a DEAD server, is kind of just rude.

So, if you’re thinking of coming over to level up and be a part of a niche community, don’t. Because when I hit 60, I’m going to exclusively camp low level areas, and ensure you don’t have any fun or make any progress if you roll Horde, and Sup Bro will be there if you try to roll alliance.

I can see now why this server is dead. Either you quit/transfer because of toxic players, or you become the toxic player yourself.

Just go have fun on another server. You don’t need to grind it out with hate on a quiet server man.


Shame I didn’t see this or I would have helped you.

Kind of a crap mentality to have to make a post telling everyone to avoid the server because you got ganked. Your name doesn’t even look familiar so I’ll assume either you were guildless or didn’t ask for help from guildmates. Getting ganked is a fact of life for PvP realms and even a “dead” server isn’t exempt from it. Make friends to overcome the hardships or prepare thine cheeks. :neutral_face:

Stop crying.,

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