Dont be upset by no rdf

we will get rdf sometime on phase 2
the good ol we hear your feedback and stuff

blizzard is just playing tsundere with you all so you try out Dragonlands


No – currently, they have NO PLANS to add in RDF at all.

How does them removing RDF get people to try out Dragonflight?


same was said about a classic version of wow
or diablo immoral on pc

and here we are


Both of these were opportunities for Blizzard to make a profit. Of course they were going to follow the money, they’re a business.

It’s not even remotely comparable to RDF. There’s no profit to be gained from adding it back… certainly, not to the level of making Classic WoW or Diablo Immortal (pc).

It’s fallacious to compare RDF to those two. You’re comparing dogs to icecream. Anything else?

100% getting added by the end of P3. Bloomsday is in denial. Linking blizzard text means absolutely nothing. This company has changed their minds and will again.

Also, there is profit to be made from LFD. So many more people would subscribe. My entire friend group of “wotlk boys” from back then have cancelled there plans to return to the game; thats 3 subs right there. I know there are more people like them. $$$


Blizzard has changed their minds about a 100 other things too.


I don’t have an understanding of why the kids in charge of development wouldn’t want RDF. It is like they were handed a Picasso by the folks really in charge, and were told “put a new frame on this and we’ll sell it for $100,000,000” - and then they decided to take a box of crayons to the painting to “make it better” and “leave their mark”.



Blizzard, the people who make the game: Yeah, we are not planning to add in LFD. Instead, we’ve invested resources into this re-imagined LFG system. We’re also moving LFD related rewards, such as the perky pug, to different achievements.

You: Yeah, phase 3 for sure.

And I’m the one in denial?

How do you know?

My entire friend group would unsubscribe if they returned RDF, that’s 3 subs right there, and I know many people like them.

And they haven’t changed their minds on 100 other things as well.

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Once the subs starts thinning out and the game is dropping in player #s, they’ll 100% patch LFD back in.

When it happens, people like Bloom, out of sheer cope, will 180 and say something like “WeLl yEa iT dIdNt cOmE uNtiL a LaTeR pHaSe oRiGinAlLy sO GoOd jOb BlIz”.


So, they might or might not with RDF. It’s a possiblity. That’s all I’m saying.

“we will never allow you to freely change covenants” - Blizzard before this issue almost single handedly bombed shadowlands #ripcord


See ya in LFD in P3!

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I simply hope someone in charge of money has a line on how much Blizzard is going to lose if RDF isn’t implemented. It usually works out that way when you have people with more vision (read: pillars) are in charge of something, rather than folks with experience.


Ok, yeah, anything’s possible. They could also take down the game entirely tomorrow.

But what’s likely to happen? We’ve seen Blizzard change their mind on race/faction changes already, which received virtually zero backlash.

Yet, they haven’t changed their mind on RDF. In fact, they’ve triple downed on it and invested resources into other systems to replace it.

What do you think is more likely to happen? Why did they change their mind on race changes as quickly as they did, which received zero backlash, and not RDF, which received a considerable amount of more backlash?

Where did they ever say that?

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Remember to trap Moon or I’m vote kicking you :wink:

See ya then!

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They said this back in the Beta and many times following launch

Citations please.

FYI bloomsday is a known troll. You’re getting baited. Just a friendly reminder.


I think they are saving it for Cata to incentivize people into playing it.

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