Don’t remember conduits being this rare…

Trying to get the one from Plaguefall. Ive run it 10 times today and cant get the one from Doc Ick to drop. I even checked my bank twice to see if i somehow got it and put it there. And my conduit shrine to make sure i didnt have it… I got 2 memories today, but cant get that

Edit: 3rd memory

I have a much easier time getting somewhat ok item level conduits from world quests and doing callings. Eventually doing callings every day will get you every conduit at 200

If youre doing for dissonant echoes you can buy it at 200 ilvl for 200 (might be 500) conquest.

Yeah that one. Ill just keep it on lookout for a WQ. I know my previous 2 characters just came into theirs.

Ironically in less than a week i have almost all my memories. Just need 1 from a dungeon (de other side) and 2 Torghast ones.

Is it in ur bank? I did sanguine depths a bunch for that legendary, checked my bank and it was already in there.

Nah. Checked twice

Oh well, good luck then :slight_smile:

Thanks. Doing some pvp for the conquest/honor to get it and the memory.

That said, i got my 4th memory while still not getting this. :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t like that void elf can’t have a pearl earring.

World Quest up for it today. No more spamming Plaguefall