Doing everyone dirty

I love these Doomsayer crazy post.

First off multiboxers can either play the game correctly or close up shop. They were using third party software to play all those characters which thankfully is now against the rules. Saw videos of them already adapting to still play all 5 at once.

Secondly who says you have to pay $35? And when did they ever say you have to play TBC? If you want to stay on classic then stay free of charge. If you want to play TBC then move on and play TBC. But if you want to keep all your items on both then yes you need to pay which is fair. They at least giving you the option. They could just move current classic to TBC like 15 years ago and say tough luck.

Thirdly the deluxe is optional and nothing from it affect you if someone else gets it and you dont.

Fourth the Boost will not be used by bots lol itll take them just a couple days running their bots to reach 58 so why spend $40 for that when they can do it for free??

Arena rating needed to be changed. Now people cant just easily lose 10 games to get the gear of those that actually tried and put in the effort for it. Dont like it? Then try to actually pvp and maybe youll get the gear if you put in the effort.


You guys defending it trust me it goes in one ear and out the other. You have no good excuse to defend any of it. Keep on giving “Activision” Blizzard your money.

I want my character that I leveled on classic to stay on classic you shouldn’t have to pay to keep your character, if you’re actually going to defend that I dont know what to say to you.


If ya want to get real technical it’s actually retail TBC because retail means you pay for it.

It’s just TBC by blizzard and what we commonly refer to as retail is really just modern WoW

Stop confusing “correcting wrong information” for “defending it”

If you don’t think the price is fair that’s fine. But at least understand how the service works before you claim it’s a ripoff


That explains it then. Youre a blind idiot that only wants to cry instead of getting all the facts. Keep your character on classic you want it there. And start fresh in tbc if you want to play there. Dont have to pay anything… then again im talking to a hollow wall.


The classic servers are progressing to tbc. If you want to play on classic era you can do that. Here is my post with all the information FROM BLIZZARD on the subject:

I literally copy pasted it from the support page.


Yea that’s always the excuse they use for microtransactions. “You DON’T have to do it, but it will destroy the game” You people are clueless. And I understand how the clone works, don’t try to tear down my argument by saying I don’t lol. Sure I “Don’t” have to go to TBC I can just stay in classic, but if I want to keep my character I need to pay for each one. And my post was not just about the clone having a price either, its about multiple things. If you’re gonna say bullcrap at least address what I actually said.

I didn’t tear down your argument. I just linked you to the official post by blizzard. I didn’t say anything negative to you at all. You have proven you are here just to troll and flame people by flaming me. I just tried to help. I’ll be reporting your post as a troll post. I hope everyone else follows suit.

A lot of those things are annoying, certainly. Luckily, none of them affect me directly, and I can just pretend that all that crap doesn’t exist. All my toons are 60, and I’m going to progress them to TBC (no copy) and level them the intended way by questing. And I don’t PvP.

Pointing out that you’re a liar and a moron isn’t much of a defense.


So another salesman who works for buzzard with thousands of posts about how someone complaining should be quiet and take what they get.

you’re clearly reading anything anyone who doesn’t agree with you says

Thrassis is a troll. Don’t engage. He tried to call me a salesman for my clone information post. Despite the fact that the post is intended to save people money and not cause them to buy clones. He’s just a hater.

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oh look buzzwords…
People who play wow dont go on the forums to attack people when the game is objectively being run into the ground.
You “players” are so ez to spot…

You mean the things you’re throwing around, incorrectly?

That part wasn’t to you, it was to the guy saying I don’t understand the “service” lol. I don’t mind you posting any info you have.

If it wasn’t for that “We want classic” poll that got made after a certain server was shut down in 2016 and all the push for classic by the community none of you would have it. A lot of you have this mindset that what’s done is done “I can’t do anything about it so I should be quiet and shut down anyone that talks about it” that’s not how we got classic. Blizzard does read community feedback they knew changing vanilla was gonna cause huge backlash so they didn’t. But now they are slowly allowing #Some changes so except more than what I listed in OP to come.

That moment you look around and realize you’re the only one wearing a tin-foil hat, but still think it’s everyone else that’s crazy.


I’m def not the only one wearing it but ok dude lol

That moment you call something a “Conspiracy theory” to assume the poster is crazy and nothing that he says matters lol. Nothing in OP was a “Theory” its all things they are doing to the game which makes it a fact… Jesus some people.

If you notice, I wasn’t responding to you. I was specifically addressing Thrassis’s theory that anyone that might disagree with their position must be a paid shill for blizzard or have some other ulterior motive other than simply disagreeing with them.

I don’t personally agree with many of your points, except that the clone price is too steep. That doesn’t mean that I think your opinion isn’t worth being voiced. It’s the people who are throwing out wacko theories about people that bother me. I haven’t seen you engage in that activity so I’m sorry you got the idea that I was referring to you.

this confusion over who’s responding to who is why I’ve started going out of my way to use blockquotes, lol. I’ve noticed mobile and even desktop sometimes has a habit of not putting who is being replied to in the corner of posts