Doesn't anyone just die anymore?

(Velane) #8

Except Mage apparently :woman_shrugging:

But there is a bit of unnecessary self-sustain in the game

Look at Rogues for example. They have stealth, re-stealth, cloak, evasion, tricks, feint, access to self-healing through talents (leeching poison, soothing darkness etc.) and access to cheat death. Why do they have stuff like crimson vial baseline? Don’t they have enough tools to survive already?


Hard agree on this, especially regarding rogues.

On my rogue I have access to ridiculous amounts of leech, a heal on a very short cooldown, the ability to reset the fight entirely whenever I like - several times if I’m clever with CC and can escape combat.

It’s funny, they’ve pruned so much from classes, but now there’s a lot of almost-passive abilities that can save your bacon without much effort.

(Drougen) #10

Yeah rogues imo should have always been about control of the fight and high damage. Adding healing into the mix especially since they can re-stealth and just wait for heal is a bit much. If they want them to have a small heal, that’s fine, but then they shouldn’t be able to re-stealth in combat.

Now they’re less damage and more about control and healing through damage long enough to finish a fight, which is annoying and dumb to play against or play as imo.

(Radioblaze) #11

All that would be fine kind of if they also didnt have such friggin high damage as well!! I mean its a joke…

(Kypookins) #12

Except when people go to preorder the collection, which is already sold out.


Maybe the game is so good people don’t want to waste their time on threads like yours?

OK, I get that’s rich coming from someone who bumped your lousy thread and I know the game is bad right now.

(Tentaclatrix) #14

Where have you been? The Trinity design has been gone for well over a decade.

(Radioblaze) #15

LOL, I wish that was the case but history of all gaming says otherwise.

As far as the trinity being dead for decades, thats not true… It may have been dying for a while but its at comical levels now. The self healing, absorbs and last second “saves” are a laughing stock now. Like I said before, this game reminds me of a TV series that has gone on too long (TrueBlood anyone?). After so many years you run out of things to change or do so you just throw everything in…

That is WOW right now. Class uniqueness is absolutely gone. Everyone has everything… Have you played eye of the storm lately??? Everyone has some sort of knock back now that no one really plays the map anymore its just a race to middle to see who can knock the other of the sides first lol. DH’s can grab flag and fly across maps, Rogues can go stealth and heal up to 100%, elementals just stay in wolf form and heal…

You have to admit its silly now…

(Istealthl) #16

The problem in arenas is pve gear is broken. The problem at high level pvp(pro tourneys) is class balance. How they let druids go this long without nerfs I cannot understand

(Radioblaze) #17

I can… They dont have the team or care anymore to fix it. Druids would have been nerfed within 24 hours in the hay day of WOW…


I have seen a few times mages doing absurd ‘healing’ via temporal and absorbs.

(Radioblaze) #19

Seriously… Mages are one of those last second save class… It has become really silly.


This right here. None of the people I play with or associate with are on the forums. I am mostly here as a source of entertainment during working hours. You can say the forums are a game of its own.

(Radioblaze) #21

That is traditionally and factually not correct. An MMOs Forum involvement has always been a way to gauge a games popularity. In WOWs hay day these forums where packed. If you made a post, within 30 seconds you would have to bump it to get it back on the front page.

This is true with all MMOs. Forums are the ideal way to tell which direction a game is headed.


Wow is a pve game. PvP is just some sidebar thing.

If you want wow blizzard pvp, try Overwatch …

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I mean, I’m leveling a new character and we have some spooky times in a BC dungeon. For some reason, Rokmar got really mad and slaughtered everyone but me and a Hunter who Feign Death’d and we barely survived.

That was pretty exciting.

(Radioblaze) #24

Tell Blizzard that. They pretend that PVP is just as important.

(Rhielle) #25

Roughly 1% of the playerbase posts on the forums. Bad way to judge.


Now they just need to bring back that huge-r chunk after the disaster that was Pandaria.

(Radioblaze) #27

Really? Can you post that source?