Doesn’t let you type in your guild

It gives me a message saying “I don’t have permission to do that” when I try to chat under the community & the guild. Anyone else having this problem ?

Hi Maryjane,

Thank you for reporting this! We identified a bug that is manifesting in a couple of different ways, and what you’ve found - incorrectly applying guild permissions - is one of them. We believe we have a fix for this, and it will be released to players as soon as the app completes submissions review in each of their respective stores. We’re tracking this issue alongside other known issues in this release in this post.

Not sure if related…but a number of guild members’ names have been reverted to servers prior to transferring. We are on Khaz/Dath/Aman on OCE, and a number of Guildies are seen having server names including Nagrand, Frostmorne and Draenor.

As far as I’m aware, they haven’t had any issues posting to the Guild Chat, but I wonder if it is relevant to the issues being investigated.