Does X% increase in damage equate to X% in DPS?

So take Frost DK’s getting 2% damage buff…So is that a linear equation to something like:

(making these numbers up)
DPS Meter pre buff is 4,500 for a ST fight

DPS Meter post buff is 4,590 for a ST fight

Or does that 2% impact the dps in a different way?

It depends on what’s getting buffed. For Frost Mages, it will work exactly this way, where their DPS should go up by about 9% assuming that they keep the same set-up and rotation.

If all the spells that you use to deal damage are buffed by X%, your dps should go up by about X%.

If only some of the spells that are part of your regular damage-dealing are buffed by X%, your dps will probably go up by less than X%.

Yes it should be across the board because it’s independent of rotation, environment, mechanics, etc.

For example. Say you have a lousy player and do 1500 DPS, while Rocky Superplayer is doing 2500 DPS.

After the buff, the lousy player should be up to 1650, while the good player is up to 2750. Lousy player is still lousy in comparison to good player, but lousy player is contributing more to the group because the boss health hasn’t changed.

If only some abilities were buffed, then it would depend on all sorts of factors.

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It will work the same way for 2H Frost DKs - all damage is buffed while using a 2-handed weapon. So their DPS should increase by about 2%, all else set equal.