Does WW Monk have a feel good button per se a'la Chaos Bolt?

There are some specs/classes I try out that have that hard hitter, feel good button…

I like the Monk fantasy but it seems to lack that hard hitting, feel good attack.

[I.e. Destro with Chaos Bolt]

Does WW Monk have that type of button, attack… and if not, what keeps you interested in the gameplay of WW Monk?

It does zero damage, but RoP is the coolest ability in the game. There’s so much tech you can do with it.

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Rising Sun Kick should be that skill, it’s part of the main rotation

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Yup, RSK hits like a truck. Though it doesn’t auto crit like Chaos Bolt.

Popping off with your CD’s (Clones/Tiger/Cov ability/trinket) is probably even more satisfying.

And of course… Touch of Death

The front loaded burst they have is ridiculous.

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…just be prepared to tickle like a pool noodle once your burst window is done, especially if you play Kyrian.

I do play Kyrian, and you’re not wrong. :rofl:

my risiing sun kick does about 30k and it’s instant cast, fists of fury does way more but it’s channeled.

The thing I like about WW is it seems to great at both aoe and single target whereas some other specs suffer in one or both of those.

I played a ret paladin in BFA and omg…the aoe was insane, but the single target was non existant. And it you didn’t have wings? You might as well be a healer thats how awful their damage was. WW monks can pump damage all the time, any time. It’s amazing.