Does void ritual stack?

If blizzard is going to keep putting complicated systems in the least they can do is identify which azerite traits stack, which corrupted abilities stack and to what extent. Can anyone give me a clear indication if void ritual stacks or not?


I would also like an answer to this because i have a couple items with duplicate corruption abilities and want to know if its worth having them both equipped or if one should be removed.

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i couldn’t find an answer online anywhere so i cleansed them. Why isn’t there a system in place to restore corruption effects that have been cleansed especially after they nerfed / buffed certain corruptions.


they stack by the way all corruption damage/buff effects stack

what about the 50% cd reduction for 10 sec? How does that stack?

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I know this is the wrong section now that PTR is over but can i open a ticket to restore cleansed corruption items?

There was a recent thread about this very thing. The answer is no, you would not be able to have cleansed items re-corrupted.

Here is the thread in question (with Blizzard replies): Corruption buffed, can i get it back?

I would recommend coloring the text based on rank (green, blue, purple) the having the numbers/effects that are static (not stackable) just be normal color, and stackable numbers be gold or white. Then it would be obvious what effects stacked and good the corruption was.

They could do this for azerite as well.

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Soooooo you blame blizzard for not telling you if it stacks. Instead of just finding out yourself? Then you un corrupt it. Not doing any research on your own. Now you want to get a ticket to re corrupt the items :joy::joy::joy: lmfao. Hitting a dummy for 1 minute would have told you if it stacks. You’re just lazy

Short answer: Yes, they do stack.

Long answer: It stacks with at least two…
Each application of Void Ritual nets you 33 secondary stats every second for 20 seconds. At 10 seconds I saw 660 with two corrupted pieces (Void Ritual) equipped.