Does Ragnaros have a vulnerability to Frost?

(Ianarion) #1

Here’s something I noticed. This random mage on Ragnaros in vanilla hits Ragnaros for 1550 and crits him for 3k+. This mage on world third C’thun hits C’thun for 1150 and crits him for 2300. 26m30s This mage with full world buffs and all possible consumables on a private server hits Flamegor for 1390 and crits him for ~2800.

Conclusion: Ragnaros is vulnerable to frost. Did private servers miss this?


Seems likely, but also could be that pservers made all of the raids/bosses tougher than their easier versions from vanilla.

(Espure) #3

If I remember right they had a much lower parry rate, and lower resists on private servers.


Its the frost talent Ice Shards. It increased all frost spells critical damage by up to 100% @ 5/5.

The Fire tree doesn’t have an exact equivalent talent.

(Ianarion) #5

All three mages have 5/5 ice shards. They’re all critting for 200% of their normal hits.

(Priapis) #6

If you watch the 3rd video, he hits for roughly the same on any mob for the amount you listed on flamegor. In the other 2 videos, the video for c’thun is a rerender of the movie so we cannot tell from the dates but i’m going to guess that the video for rag was after a gear upgrade, especially since it is a “specialty” fight with lots of mages.