Does my pet get better?

My felguard is squiiishy. Poor guy, I’m having to bleed myself all the time. What is worse is, his life regen is so bad out of combat that i find myself just tossing him away and summon a new one.

This is kinda annoying :frowning:

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Yes, your Felguard will get less squiishy as you get higher gear, now, he will never be a true tank but as far as world content goes he is enough for most of it (sometimes i prefer voidwalker for rares)

As you hit level 60 you will probably suffer a lot in zereth mortis as the enemies there are quite hard hitting for an early level 60 who should be 200~ ilvl but once you go 260 ilvl+ felguar its all ok.

But in the end, my advice would be to talent in demon-skin and sometimes use health funnel on your pet, it helps.


i mean no pet will ever be a true tank. but he’s 98% as good a tank as the VW. only lacks a true taunt.

dunno why everyone constantly whines about this “issue”. the thing is fine, just understand that going into any content thats supposed to be “tough” (e.g: above your level while leveling or extension zones while at max) is going to be “tough”, just like a brand new warrior runnin in to those fights, you can’t take as many hits as you used to. play accordingly. the felguard is a solid tank.

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Right now I’m having trouble with group pulls, but that is leveling.

I don’t expect him to tank bosses or group content with ease, but compare to my hunter. I can just toss a mend and keep on fighting.

The fun of the spec is building up a massive imp army, and that ramp up. Having to bleed myself on group pulls so often is me not doing that.

that’s not an issue with the pet however. thats due to the difference in gamefeel between mend pet, a dot for a % of its life, and funnel life, a channel for an amount based on your health total.

one is far easier to utilize, the other feels clunky in comparison and drags you outta the fight.

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Ya, but even with my hunter group pulls I don’t need to mend pet that much on it.

What I would like to see is out of combat life regen faster on these pets.

Maybe at higher levels maybe. Compared to instant mending for hunters though?

As for your other example. I could see warriors having some downtime but compared to everything I’ve played demo lock with felguard has by far the most down time thanks to dead/almost dead felguard.

People say it gets better but again so does every class lol… Just feels lame doing dailies on a fresh lock and having downtime every two mobs.

Ya, I don’t understand why the heck the felguard life does not regen faster out of combat. What is the point of it not doing that?

yeah. I think the solution would be similar to Mend pet but in the case of us warlocks, it does a slow bleed on us, the same amount of negative health the funnel does but a do the bleed and forget about it, no need to funnel it.

Yeah sitting their and channeling it is the worst…