Does Mac OS Sonoma run WoW without crashing?

Hey All! quick question, I’ve been playing WoW for years. I have a 2020 MacBook Pro it is an intel Mac. I have run the game flawlessly on this Mac and my other Mac before. I played dragon flight just fine. In July of last year I took a break and return last October. When I did I upgraded to the latest OS Sonoma. I was one of many who experienced an unplayable game because it would stutter, freeze, and crash my entire computer. I then downgraded to Mac OS Ventura and have been running that since. My question is was that problem fixed? I can’t find any information regarding if it was fixed just post from October talking about the problem. It has been 6 months and I can tell my computer doesn’t run as well as it used to due to being not on the latest OS if anyone knows if it has been resolved I would greatly appreciate it!

In the WoW graphics settings, there is a selection for Metal. Set this to legacy mode and see if that helps.

Off topic, but they named an OS after a brand of cigarette?

Sonoma is a region in California known for its many wineries. Same as Napa Valley.

Apple has been naming MasOS after California landmarks for many years.

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if mac has an iris pro GPU, avoid sonoma like plague. it will only crash cause there is a driver issue there. use 13.x for best experience with a mac running intel iris pro IGPU. if it has an AMD gpu though, sonoma should be fine i think but it also has no gain either since sonoma didn’t do anything for AMD users. sonoma was first OS update pretty much dedicated entirely to only caring about. apple silicon and it either did not improve anything for older macs, or make things worse for them. personally i would stay on macOS 13.x forever with your mac because of that.

If you could upgrade to a silicon Mac, that would be ideal. They don’t seem to be quite as pricey as the old Intel pieces of garbage, and wow looks really nice on them. Keep in mind I run 3 2020 intel imacs with radeon pros, and 1 MacBook pro with an M2 silicon.

Up until two days ago, I would have replied with an unqualified “yes.” I’ve had an M2-based machine since last September and never had a crash… until Tuesday of this week. was evidently downloading an update to the Client (right after we got one?) when I was in a boss fight. I was crashed/disconnected three times. The last time, unfortunately, it took me long enough to get back in that the fight was over, leaving me with no credit for doing the activity. Not my favorite activity, so a mild grrrr.

Still, it was unexpected, given that Game Mode in Sonoma is supposed to “nice” other processes (lower their access to system resources) as long as you’re running WoW in full-screen mode, which I was.

Why, pray tell, do you have downloading of updates while the game is active enabled? That’s something you need to disable, for reasons not the least of which is that downloading game files while you are playing almost always corrupts your game files due to patching files that are file locked by the OS. This needs to be disabled pronto unless you want to run into this again.

It does not have an effect on Agent, which is running in the background unless you quit the app. You should also be setting the app to kill itself upon launching a game as it hogs resources it shouldn’t even be using. There is zero reason to have this open since all modern Blizzard games have 2.0 chat built in.

It’s on you to decide whether or not you want to prevent this from happening again. This is not a Sonoma issue, it’s an issue you sadly created for yourself by allowing these two things to remain enabled.

I was able to get SoD running ONLY by doing these steps I found on a youtube video,
This unfortunatly did not work in Cata as i am unable to click cancel before the client crashes but SoD is able to run now with this work around:

  1. Close WoW and restart Battlenet.
  2. Open your WoW game (Classic, Classic Lich, Dragonflight).
  3. When the game tries to connect to the server press “Cancel”.
  4. Open “System” and select “Graphics” option.
  5. Change “Visualization mode” from Fullscreen to Window.
  6. Deactivate Vertical Sync.
  7. Save your changes.
  8. Click on “Reconnect”.
  9. Select your character and wait for game to load.
  10. Use the “Green” button on the window to make the game fullscreen (DO NOT CHANGE THE GAME OPTIONS).
  11. Problem solved.

This is probably the cause of my recent troubles I’ve been posting about. I once Played while the update was still in the yellow. (Figured it had been enough years that that problem was fixed by now)
How do I go about uncorrupting my files? Scan and Repair didn’t help. Should I reinstall?

Go into your WoW folder, delete the Data folder at the root of the WoW folder and empty the trash. Make sure the app is not running and has been closed long enough that Agent is also not running. Once you’ve done that, launch the app and the Play button will have changed to Update. Click it and this time let it finish the installation entirely before clicking play. This includes the reclaiming disk space portion of the install process!

That will not only give you fresh files, but it will give you a contiguous set of files and that should also improve loading times as well vs. what you currently have.