Does Blizzard actually make money with Classic Tokens?

How are you throwing around 20kg what are you doing to get that kind of gold that most people wouldn’t think is tedious? because of GDKP culture, classic has a really strong gold reliance the price of items will skyrocket

Plenty of whales in wow.

When players buy tokens and sell them for gold in AH.

A player buys the token and resubscribes keeping that player in the game perpetually. When the player needs another renewal of sub, he/she buys another token via gold. Its a circle that goes round and round.

If there are no players buying tokens from AH then the player who bought the token gets the buyout price in gold. Blizzard profits regardless. There will always be players buying token to sell on AH everyday.

Another benefit is it keeps players in the game because now they have another way to pay for a subscription just by playing the game. This helps keep a healthy player base.

They made a lot of money off me this week. At this point i feel like i should be on their Board of Directors lol.

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It is supply and demand… If people don’t buy the tokens how do you buy them off the ah??? Lol

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I agree, I don’t see why people would bother buying a token when they can literally buy gold for half the price and face 0 consequences for it anyway. Blizzard has barely lifted a finger against “illegal” RMT for 3 years, if they start now to push their token sales I can only see this going poorly for their subscriber numbers, would be an even bigger spit in the face of the classic playerbase than implementing tokens here in the first place.

Didn’t age well.

Thoughts on WoW Token in Wrath Classic - Wrath of the Lich King Classic Discussion - World of Warcraft Forums (

Using just the past two weeks as an example, here are the actions our GSO team have taken:

  • Total Exploitative Account Closures: 248,105
  • Total Exploitative World of Warcraft Account Closures: 73,057
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You understand those aren’t actions taken just for buying gold… Right? That at least is a thing you do understand?

I do wonder how many people will cancel their sub vs how many will purchase the token through the shop.

I imagine though this will increase their bottom line.

They know a large number of people will be cancelling their subs at Wraths end and they are milking it for as long as they can.

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Imagine a world were blizzard has straight up lied to its playerbase about things like this in the past (oh wait, it literally happened on the countdown to classic podcast last year when brian lied about how blizzard was banning bots). I’m sure blizzard is glad someone believes them though.

Inb4 bearhands comes running to tell you that it’s not supply and demand because there is an infinite source of wow tokens available through the store! Forgetting the part about it needing to sell to make money lol.

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Lol this is how you argue everything. Excuses. Oh those 73 thousand some accounts aren’t ALL gold seller/buyers so therefore you can’t use that number against me when arguing. Neither of you knows either way how many account were banned for a specific reason. Yet you both act like this number is a reflection of your argument lol.


I don’t see how they would lose money a wow token costs $20 a month of subscription is $15 if you pay your sub in wow tokens blizz makes money, if you don’t they still break even.

Professions on multiple alts and smart investments.

At current prices, a single tailor can make 3200+ a month just logging on for 5 minutes every 4 days. I have four of them. Thats almost 13k a month with minimal effort. A miner can make 3k+ a month logging in for 1 minute every day, just leave him logged out at an anvil. Thats just an example of two professions.

Know whats happening in the game and invest for the future. If you didnt buy up cheap titanium ore and fill every bag/bank slot on an alt or two earlier in the expansion, youre missing out on tons of gold. The price has sky rocketed 10x in anticipation of prospecting the new togc epic gems. The games solved, you all should have known to do this.

Wotlk is the cheapest expansion to raid and easiest to make gold expansion classic has had. Theres no excuse outside of doing gdkps for buying a wow token.

They make $5 per token sold.

For the supply/demand, it isn’t your standard model, but it does still apply. Think of it as two separate transactions.

  1. Blizzard sells the token for a fixed price. Let’s assume it will always be $20 because that’s what it’s been for years. The number of players willing to buy a token at that price sets your supply. Yes, they could sell an infinite amount, but in practice they don’t.
  2. A person spends their hard earned (or not) gold to buy the token. That’s your demand.

Essentially, they are selling game time at $20/month with an added social benefit of players trading gold for money (and vice versa). At the end of the day, Blizzard gives access to their game and are paid in return.

People with excess money can buy time, and people with excess time can buy money.


It’s not supply and demand because it’s a command economy. Just because you don’t understand basic economics doesn’t mean it doesn’t apply

You literally just repeated what I said…

You feeling ok?

It really is sad how low our education system has sunk where they no longer teach basic economics in secondary school anymore, but I digress.


Still trying to save face huh? It’s ok you got embarrassed. It happens. Best move now is just to back away slowly and stop calling attention to it.

Someone else not understanding secondary school economic basics is not an embarrassment for me, nor is my refusal to educate without proper compensation. My time is more valuable than that.

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Command ecomonies are literally a concept covered in a freshman level economics class. Look man, there’s no shame in not understanding economics. Lots of people don’t.

Do people still not understand that every token purchased with gold was bought by someone else for $20 which means they made $5. You could argue that they make up to $7 if they were on a sub package previously.

They will make money off this, pure and simple.