Does anyone work on classic?

I thought it was in the patch notes for 1.12, guess not. I can find nothing prior to 2.x where the Scalebane Captains were changed from elites. I did find

If none of these elites have gone missing that were in 1.12 then why isn’t it reflected in the not a bug list in the bug forums?

P.S. Regardless I’ll likely continue to casually play Classic. I did complete all of the raids, with the exception of Naxx and AQ40 during Vanilla, so I’m mostly just wandering around enjoying the scenery prior to Cata (my most hated expansion).

It’s the players that have morphed Classic into what it is and estranged it from Vanilla. There’s absolutely nothing you or anyone else can do about that. EVERYTHING that you see in current retail is a feedback loop process of our ancient Vanilla selves co-creating through “QQ’s”, “WTF Blizz”, and “I’m publicly quitting because” over a 15 year span. Classic is a museum piece that you don’t touch.

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They’ve adjusted their stated plans for Classic multiple times since release. The question of the thread is who’s in charge and are they listening to player feedback.

Fake news.

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I’m still laughing really, the amount of time you spent typing up this post is twice as long as it took for any of us to realize this guy has had nothing to do with Blizzard or World of Warcraft Classic.

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Blizz should have asked some of the players For a Copy of the Real Vanilla server that they took down that lead to this mess then it would have been real Vanilla :slight_smile: The AV map is changed and all kinds of BS is going on …Do they care ?? No they got the money rolling back into the Company and this would be Actavision one of the Worst ever they could have Partnered with …

Okay, dude, I think it’s entirely possible that I agree with what you want done, but don’t advertise that you haven’t even glanced at the forum like that.

What kind of “work” do you do on a FINISHED game, that was FINISHED 13 years ago?

Classic is a copy of Vanilla. It is not SUPPOSED to change, or improve. Any change would make it “no longer a copy”.

So what kind of “working” are you talking about?


Classic is not a “player-designed” game. It never was, and it never will be. Blizzard never said it was. Some players PRETEND that is what Classic is – but that changes nothing.

“Player feedback” for a normal game is “suggestions for improvement”. But Classic is not SUPPOSED to improve.

The entire reason Classic exists is that some players wanted to play “Vanilla BEFORE all the Blizzard changes”.

How can you have a game that is BEFORE the changes, and change it?

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Ion Hazzikostas is the Game Director over all of World of Warcraft, both versions.

Obviously they pay some attention because they’ve made phase schedule adjustments on the fly, and patched a small few glaring bugs.

he doesnt even call it by its actual name in its twitter bio, “classic” world of warcraft, he calls it vanilla

We got the worst version of vanilla. In fact, a version of vanilla that never existed in this state in the first place.

Fake News.

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You are way behind the news. Classic is the improved version of Vanilla. All the interviews have stated devs will be looking to the player community for feedback on how Classic operates and moves forward. This thread is stating there is little evidence of them actually responding to the issues presented on the forums.

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And you are full of nonsense. The Devs only said anything approximating what you claim in a single podcast, and it was vaguer than that (a throwaway comment at the end of a long interview) and from a single dev. All previous communication - and the mandate for classic from the beginning - was explicitly to the opposite.

Take your fake news elsewhere.

It’s not an exact copy.

We’ve already had changes.

Not true in the slightest.

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They said they would be working with the community when asked about classic+. That’s at least one more instance than you describe.

I don’t expect them to bow to every player’s whim. I expect communication.

We had great communication leading up to release. What happened?

I actually agree with this. But honestly, after spending time on these forums, would you want to regularly interact with the toxicity? It’s a no win for them. They communicate only when there is something to announce.

I’m no Blizz fanboi, but I can’t really fault them on this. People are continually demanding whimsical and absurd changes on a daily basis in a game that was created as, was developed as, and has been stated multiple times as being a museum piece. Most of those demands are accompanied by vitriol. What can they say?

I’d let the enfante terribles blow themselves out too. That’s pretty much the only way to deal with tantrums if you can’t smack bottoms.

Provide links to sources.

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they got like 6 devs but they mite be on their phones.

just re live the vanilla experience.