Does anyone play here?

I’m a shadow priest (just for questing atm, prefer healing) looking to run some higher up dungeons! I haven’t done anything past sunken temple and I’m level 56.

I transferred here from Whitemane to play with my parents but it feels like a private server running on hamachi, there is like nooooobody around. :frowning:

It is a very inactive server.

There is nobody here. Maybe a guild or two that tries to do dungeons or raids. I haven’t been here long myself; but I favor the lonely feel of it. That said, if you pvp and want rank this place couldn’t be easier at least to rank 10 or 11.

It is a pvp server of course. And supposedly there are more Alliance around, but in 4 weeks I have only even seen 1.

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I heard some gossip that Alliance have been leaving for a server that might get the gates open. They will open here eventually, through some automatic Blizzard process. But the wait is likely months. No meta garbage or raid drama here, I love it.

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abandon all hope ye who enter here


If you’re able to find anyone please let me know! I’m up for dungeons and/or group quests. I’m returning after 8months and I came back to an apocalypse on horde side

Honestly, the server isnt too bad! It’s not heavily populated but I am starting to see more people the closer I get to 60. Its not a rich server either but I have made a decent amount already at the AH regardless of prices being low usually. However its the server me and the gang are stuck in and its not too bad. We even found a solid guild that raids, so not to bad a place.

Right now for the last three days CensusPlus is detecting about 100 active ally players at a time, mostly grouping is not a thing.

This server is 100% dead and Blizz needs to provide free transfers. It’s a money grab right now.

I went to Orgrimmar with my dwarf rogue during prime time around 8 PM, it was completely empty.

We transferred to Thunderfury, good active server.

“Arcanite Reaper: SAFEST PVP SERVER! There’s nobody online to gank you!”

All my dudes moved out of this server and I miss it. I plan on making an Ele/Resto Tauren shaman over here.