Do you think Tinker's will ever be

Do you think Tinker’s will ever be an actual class? I’ve wanted to play one for years I even have tried to mimic it with other classes and transmogs with engineering as a profession but none of it feels quite right.

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BfA on the Azerite plot would’ve been the best time. I’m afraid it missed its opportunity. :robot::hourglass:

hopefully not! i think it’s a bad idea personally.






I do not believe so, no.

I’d love a bunch of new classes but they keep messing up balancing

I hope the Class is available to everyone. I’m sick of limited to one race to two. It’s a major draw back like what the Evokers and Demon Hunters are.

Just do what the Monks and Death Knights did and make them available to all races.


Sadly, no. I dont think they will ever be added.

Hopefully no.

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I believe tinker is already in the game as a profession.
I dont think it will ever evolve in to a class.

Won’t say never but we just had an expansion with a partial focus on mechagnomes. That would have been the time to introduce tinkers.

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God I hope not. It’s probably the dumbest class name i’ve ever heard.


I don’t see why they couldn’t be added, and they’re commonly requested, so yeah I think we’ll see them at some point.

I’d love to see them in 11.0, if reroll day 1.

Anything is possible and clearly blizzard has thought about it once or twice.

That seems unnecessary. Tinkers have been in Warcraft since the rts days.


Tinkerer and Necromancer are the OG classes that haven’t been added yet it seems.
Both have their toolkit in other ways, Engineering for the Tinkerer and Unholy Deathknight for Necromancer.

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Please for the love of Azeroth yes!

I’m with OP, I’ve tried to create my own Tinker with warrior, hunter, shaman and its simply not the same thing, it’s not enough. I want to be a Tinker in truth!

Eh its like the same 10 people requesting it so not really. Tinker idea is meh at best.

I’m not in favor of the Tinker. We have engineering as a profession. That should be good enough.


it totally will !
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just not in this game