Do you think Classics ToA would allow this?


Same IP, they won’t care or even know.

That’ll be 1 million for my services please.

(Michaelsog) #34

If you follow my personal hygiene regimen and daily exercise along with a healthy diet then sure… I’ll throw in health insurance as well.

Yes it will be the same IP. Good point.


still waitin’ on that million…

(Fifi) #36

I think that was called gold farming in vanilla. Like people in other countries setting up shops to farm gold and selling it to players. In this case they would be selling it to just you. Were gold farmers bannable in vanilla? I believe so from what I heard.

(Michaelsog) #37

I already use false IPs so I can never be tracked down anyways. Right now I am remote routing from some other dudes ip where the line from me to that person is consider a “shadow” and 100% undetectable. I work with the gov. and invented it, so they wouldn’t know anyways. Sort of like my mail being sent to someone elses house and no1 knows about it but me. Unlike Vpns where I would still be able to trace the person if i wanted to.

I was just trying to state that you pointed out the obvious.


They don’t need to track you down to ban your account.


still waiting for that link to apply

(Michaelsog) #40

They can’t ban my account without having proof. No proof = no ban.


Regardless if obvious or not I still charge the same.

You can expect to be hearing from my lawyers very soon

(Michaelsog) #42

lol. That’s what I was thinking. Make it a logistical nightmare for them if they ban my account by costing them 10s of millions of dollars in court if they did so all while it is all free for me because of my gov. contacts.


Read the ToS. They’re free to close your account at any time for any reason. or no reason.

They don’t have to prove you broke the agreement. They don’t need to give you a reason at all.

If they suspect you’re paying people to farm gold for you, they’re going to ban you just the same as if you were buying from chinese gold farmers.

You have no legal recourse.

(Michaelsog) #44

I would be paying them to be in my guild which comes with it’s own ToS. Sort of like being the GM of a raiding guild and hording most of the raid loot for my own purpose. Nothing wrong with that.

You guys don’t remember the Prince of Dubai who would pay the players in his guild real $ to raid and give him stuff back in Vanilla/TBC. He got away with it. No difference.


it would be MUCH cheaper to just buy the gold from Blizzard (110,000 gold for $20).
use the gold to buy whatever you want from AH.
Use the $$$$$$$$ you save to brush up on your math skills.

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I think u r in the wrong forum my dude. ;/


I’m done with this, at first it was a good troll post, now I think this guy actually believes his own TaurenTurds.

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yes they can. You might want to re-read the EULA again.

And I am a Cajun Astronaut. I date supermodels and invented the Post-It.

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Now you’re catching on.


what you do is use the auction house to transfer your goods and gold. As long as the big mans getting a cut they will let it slide.

(Michaelsog) #52

Lol… read the start. It is a hypothetical scenario. The prince of Dubai did it for real though. I want to see what ppl think about this kind of stuff. I am playing the role of said hypothetical person in this thread. Genius I know.


Want it in contract