Do you think Anduin's Armistice includes Darkshore?


Because Tyrande refuses to sign, and she apparently is now based out of Hyjal, with no mention of the fate of Darkshore. Shandris doesn’t even comment on it.

Blizzard completely ruined my joke! All that effort to summon Captain E’lune and nothing comes of it!

Looks like the power is not yours, Night Elves.

(Grandblade) #2

Did you make this post just to show us your art?


And a question, I asked a question!

The art is for humor.


The great criminals of Darkshore are taken care of.

  • Sylvanas fled
  • Saurfang committed suicide
  • Nathanos died (in a worgen dream)

(Kaileena) #5

It very well should but seeing as the Horde was losing there it may not need to be mentioned. But if the horde chose to remain their the armistice would be pointless as the elves would slaughter every horde soilder in Darkshore.

(Avondriel) #6

Like Blizz would let that happen… Night Elves actually succeed at something? Eaaaassy now

(Galenar) #7

N’zoth has clearly gotten to him already. Time to take him out behind the shed.

(Anelaan) #8

For a second I thought it was just normal Gallywix, took me a second to realize he was dressed as Looten Plunder.


Yeah I didn’t have to work very hard for that one.

(Anelaan) #10

The fact it took me this long to realize he was a literal Captain Planet villain is almost embarrassing.

(Tamanii) #11


Returning Darkshore to the Night Elves in game is as easy as permanently unphasing it.


I think that’s a tall order. I mean look at Gilneas, the Worgen player only gets to revisit it in a dream. They don’t actually reclaim it.

(Akiyass) #13

This art gave me cancer.


Gallywix may have slipped some Carcinogens into Darkshore. I wouldn’t put it past him to not read warning labels.


The crazy thing here is just how much is apparently being swept under the rug and outright ignored.

Anyone who takes even a cursory glance at real world history can quickly understand that the end’s of wars are incredibly messy, especially the more political entities you have involved.

The so-called Fourth War was a global conflict, comparable to something like WW1 on Earth. It took five years after the end of WW1 to hammer out the various treaties and agreement which covered everything from war reparations, land seizure, brand new nations being formed, forced repatriation of peoples, and force limits imposed on aggressor nations.

The Horde is essentially the loser of the Fourth War which nominally places the Alliance into the position of power in peace negotiations (logically the Horde are the faction suing for peace). This can actually create an interesting setting for inter faction conflict in the Alliance if Anduin doesn’t go far enough demanding war reparations.

Just off the top of my head here are the big questions being left unanswered (and some of these have been left unanswered as far back as the end of MoP when Garrosh was deposed).

  • Reparations for Teldrassil
  • Removal of Horde forces from Night Elf lands (Darkshore, Ashenvale, possibly even Azshara)
  • Limits on weapons of mass destruction (Azerite in this context)
  • Force limits imposed on the Horde
  • Resolutions to in-game Battleground conflicts (some of these may already be solved in canon, but WSG is the best example)
  • Indemnities payed to Theramore survivors
  • Withdrawal of Horde forces from still existing Human nations on Lordaeron (Gilneas, Stromgarde)
  • Horde required to fund clean up of blight in EK
  • Decisions on resettlement for Forsaken refugees (are they allowed back, etc)

And probably others I’m forgetting. A simple armistice that says “We’re cool for now” is nothing more than a flimsy ceasefire, not a peace deal meant to establish a lasting peace.

Maybe this is stuff that will be arbitrated between the two factions after N’zoth is taken care of, but considering Blizz’s track record it will be ignored, or you can find out more by buying a poorly written novel for the low price of 14.99$


We already had the Warcrimes book. What is worse, the book only focused on “Is Garrosh guilty of the Horde’s crimes?”

After that, no negotiations between Vol’jin and Varian concerning the outcome of the war at all. No mentions of trade, reparations, land…

The Pandaren court didn’t award anything to the Alliance. Everyone was just happy Jaina survived, after Garrosh escaped his sentence.

(Nightlighter) #17

Sam looks just as I’d imagine! Cool art!
Stilk I want to join my fellow elves and purge the horde from my land.


I never read War Crimes. I stopped playing retail after WoD, and stopped reading Warcraft books after ‘Arthas’ but I’ve always tried to keep up with the lore as much as possible.

So in that context this:

After that, no negotiations between Vol’jin and Varian concerning the outcome of the war at all. No mentions of trade, reparations, land…

is something of an outrage to read. Does no one at Blizz even have the slightest interest/knowledge in history? Diplomacy is the life blood of communication between nations, but we’ve never seen it in WoW.

The last time we saw nations forced to make hard decisions as a collective was the internment of the orcs. Coincidentally this shows how difficult the end of war can be. What do you do with a nations worth of defeated soldiers who have no home nation to return to?

The WC2 Alliance nearly crumbled because of it, which is a brilliant reflection of what would actually happen.

(Tamanii) #19

How so? Leveling up through Darkshore is completely unaffected and once you hit level cap, you can still return Darkshore to it’s pre-war state by going to the NPC in the zone and clicking the “Go back” option.

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It would be great if it were a crayon drawing of Anduin and Baine holding hands with the word “Peace” written at the top.

And some impressive calligraphy for signatures at the bottom.