Do you Think 29th or 6th of Oct for Pre-Patch?

Disproven a while ago.

I think there’s a cutscene slot in the prepatch quests with a placeholder

If a cg cinematic is going anywhere it might be there

Non believer

Yes I am.

Even now you use our Lords creations to broadcast your lies

if its not the 29th ima be big sad

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I’m with the party that if we don’t hear anything by the end of Friday its probably the 6th.

Im going for the gusto so 29th. the caster stuff ends on the 6th i think and that could signify the cut scene related content in week 2 content. on wowhead it states there are 2 cutscenes both in week 2.

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I’m hope it’s the 29th, and honestly kinda annoyed they haven’t given a date.

One thing is for sure, some random mobs casting from two expansions ago are irrelevant. Correlation does not equal causation.

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I would love to enjoy Minecraft for more than like 3-4 days once a year.

But I can’t anymore. Just feels more pointless than usual somehow.

On topic, it’s probably the 6th. That’s when Brewfest ends. Doubt they want that overlapping with prepatch. And while we’ve been given vague "soon"s, jthey haven’t yet given a 2 week warning for the PVP season, I don’t believe.

So there’s 2 points in the “October 6th” pile. Which sucks because I’m kind of aching to have a reason to play an MMO again, but oh well.

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I’m gonna say two weeks before the expansion launches.

Monday’s announcement is it. It’s identical to what BfA prepatch got :

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Sept. 29th. They announced little while ago today that the AWC finals are this weekend. That “should” wrap the season for good before Tuesday Maintenance.

I hope they delay it till 2021!
Star Wars squadrons is out on October 3rd

The AWC schedule has been known for a long time now. Also, it has nothing to do with live or the current season at all, it is entirely separate and played on separate realms from live. Even if the patch launches on the 29th the season will continue until servers go down on that day. And the finals being this weekend doesn’t preclude the 6th either.

29th, I’ve noticed today some in game files loading all day. I’m hoping it’s prep for pre-patch

I am going with the 29th, mostly because I am not working that day lol

6th so I can maybe get jainas mount finally.

I’m going with 29th. Warnings given. Let BFA die. Im done. No more Heart of Azeroth or cloak of corruptions!!! We have championed enough for Magni !

I get that. This time around I’m playing on a server with a couple friends, it makes a world of difference tbh