Do you really want a nerfed world? TBC related


  • Level 1-60 dungeon quests have had their experience and faction rewards increased.
  • Many elite creatures and quests in the level 1-60 experience have been changed to accommodate solo play.

Facing elites in the open world in every zone in the game makes for an engaging experience and tells the player, if i cant solo it i should ask for help.

This is an MMORPG. I did not know this about TBC, i thought Cata removed all the elites and nerfed leveling content.

Classic WoW > TBC

WoW content is 1-60 not 60, same with TBC, same with WOTLK. Making the game only about End game is why Retail is absolute garbage trash.


On launch of BC Classic, I would prefer patch 2.0.1 to patch 2.3.0 for a variety of reasons, yes.


I don’t think they are going to do that. Blizzard will do the least amount of work.

I remember when this happened. At the time, it was a great change.

I think they nerfed leveling in pretty much every expansion to speed it up because people complained. It’s why Classic has the best leveling experience, IMO.


I’d just like to say, they changed this because it was pretty much impossible to do those group quests the right way. When this patch came out, I was still leveling. It was rare you’d even get to run dungeons, let along actually do group quests. At the time this was a needed change.


Yes, it was done because people power leveled in dungeons and there was very little solo and group play in the open world occurring.

This is a change we want. Because people wanting the open world elites to stay are going to be the same ones complaining that the open world is dead, wPVP is dead, etc etc etc.

They’re whiners.


That is because they were going into Outland, and there were far fewer people in the old world. So yeah, it was a good change.


not it wasnt.

Excuse me.

In original TBC, I leveled both a draenei shaman and a blood elf paladin.

It sucked monkey donkey balls being stuck in the old world for weeks and weeks while everyone else got to play the game.


for TBC they have all the code so it is less work to do that than it is to build on 1 patch and redevelop phases.

Considering that literally everyone afk’s in sm, mara, zg for their levels; I really don’t want want to hear a thing about “LevELiNG tOo eZ!”

Seriously. That ship left the harbor months and months ago.


For some reason, it’s different when Blizzard makes it easier vs. when the players themselves make it easier. I guess cause it ruins the new player experience? But new players weren’t going to experience many of those elite quests at the time anyway cause there was nobody to do them with.

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This was a great change. Most players are solo players. TO think other wise ignores the reality of how most people prefer to play the game.

Only thing that should be difficult is dungeons and raids. 99% of players skip as much content as possible. Look at how boosting has taken over classic. Do you think people going to bother doing elite quests when TBC is released? Probably the first week, but after that it’s all lol, why would I bother?

WTF are you talking about?

You think anyone leveling a blood elf paladin or draenei shaman in TBC is going to be doing 1-60 dungeons?

Moreover, you think anyone will be boosting them?

of course noone does, but they’re gonna clamour for blizzard to release 2.4.3 anyway because they don’t trust them to do anything else right
and then they won’t even do that right, just like they didn’t do classic right

They took alot of areas in the classic world the were full of elites and made them normal enemies, so you could actually do them while leveling, since by that time the vanilla world wasn’t exactly full of people leveling.


It was done with Sunwell patch. And yes it sucked. It laid ground for Cata nerfs that came later.

I’ll never play tbc cause I hated it back in the day, but I hope they use some earlier game version.

I wouldn’t mind starting in 2.1 to skip over the initial world buff stacking to meet Gruul/Magtheridon tuning expectations.

Too bad dont play the game if you dont like it