Do you like Retail? Keep following the metas

Would you like 2 CD’s?

I don’t get it.

No, Blizzard took the path of least resistance and highest profit.

False about player demand, partially true on 3rd party 95% of the reason to add tokens was to make profit for shareholders.

Partially true, the biggest offender was making talents meaningful and more than just a +numbers boost. aswell as having to add more and more rows every expansion.

Partially true, Alot of it was from player feedback crying about how their spec couldn’t do x,y,z. I could mention examples but I don’t feel like typing an essay.

Partially true. Mythic raids came about because blizzard couldn’t balance 10 and 25 man raids properly. Mythic dungeons came about because it’s easier to recycle content and have people run the same 13 dungeons for an expansion vs creating new dungeons every patch cycle.

Theres always been meta’s, there will always be meta’s and aslong as theres a path of least resistance then they will be adhered too.

well duh!!!

Okay, they chose to monetize it. How are my points wrong here?

Again… Players are spending REAL money on Blizzard’s IP. That’s demand.

Partially true? What you typed is in support of what I said.

I think you may be missing the point. This path to retail will be accelerated, and we will see new changes, different from Retail.

The days of monetization are coming to a close.

How do you figure?

Covid is pushing more towards self realization of becoming less of a untapped mine, and more of what they can do with their own worth

Was that supposed to make sense?

Only if you have the ability to understand.

I think you’re trying too hard, here.

You could try to articulate what you’re thinking in a way that makes sense.

Using word jumbles that consist of high falutin terms with no punctuation and poor grammar is probably the wrong way to go about it.

Not sure where this conversation has gone…but has anyone been watching the streams of Limit doing mythic Painsmith?? Like holy cow that’s some complex stuff. Got to give it to blizz that at least raid design is top notch!!!

Yeah, like any thread, things tend to meander.

Please note - I’m not attacking retail. It exists for a reason. Blizzard has been making a continuous effort to appease both the casual and hardcore audiences, as well as PvP and PvE crowds. And I think theyve6done a decent job overall.

Some folks have been asking for harder dungeons and raids here in Classic. I suppose there’s one thing that won’t change about the players - they’ll always be asking for more.

Not a surprise.

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Huh. I wonder why this is happening?

You wouldn’t if you read it.

Wicked burn, dude.

I’mma have to lie down after that one.


I’m new at this. Did I really do okay?

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