Do you have faction pride?


You’re saying that her big deal was that she helped the Alliance RETREAT???

The Alliance didn’t get revenge for Theramore, and now not getting revenge for Teldrassil.

You better be glad there will be two horde factions. Someone has to replace the Alliance.

(Zoumz) #190

The Alliance is not named the Avengers for a reason. They act out of justice not revenge.

(Jøpp) #191

I don’t care about either side. I just play where I can find fun people to play with.


Ah, but Blizzard said we WOULD get revenge…then just kind of forgot about it.


Sad but true

(Zoumz) #194

As far as I know revenge might just taste in this case a lot like Sylvanas demise and that plot will probably end further in the expansion. You can’t expect them to close the expansion story in 2 patches.


Do you really think they’re going to give the Alliance any further development in this story line? They said that we already got revenge for Teldrassil. All that’s left is teaming up with the horde again to save us from Threat X.

(Zoumz) #196

I mean I’m bias and don’t care much to be fair what the Alliance or Horde get as long as it helps the story, I didn’t even like that much last cinematic. Sure it looked good, seemed a lot done just to say “OH GREEN JESUS IS BACK” and now muscle pose at the end. Lost Honor was way better and you know what there was Alliance in it. So Idk what to say. Just let it go?


Lost Honor’s description clearly indicates that it is a Saurfang cinematic. Anduin is only there as a plot device to further Saurfang’s story.
If you care about good writing, you can’t “let it go”.

(Zoumz) #198

:woman_shrugging: If you’re just not gonna happy no matter what, stay unhappy. I can’t help you with that.

(Chachi) #199
  • Love the Horde…


  • Love da Trolls, mon!


  • Hate Alliance


  • Eat Gnomes



I don’t do PVP and I don’t worry about which faction has good players for running Mythic raid/dungeon, so faction only matters for the story, and the story is interesting but ultimately irrelevant, so no need for faction pride.

Besides, I play both sides to experience anything interesting in the story.

(Fizzer) #201

Blood Elf Paladins put at least 3 sets of quotation marks around the word “Paladin”.

Liadrin has no problem with bringing the fight to Turalyon, the Silver Hand, and the Army of the Light despite them being a walking incarnation of the power she claims to serve in addition to having fought Azeroth’s worst enemy for millenia. Hell, she was aboard their ship for all of 7.3.

All of this on behalf of an undead elf who kills her own civilians, attempts genocide, and Blights her own soldiers and raises them as mindless undead.

(Autai) #202

Racial pride > faction pride for me.

Draenei best race.


Nobody said that but they might as well unless they are happy playing on an almost dead faction compared to the much more livelier and healthier Horde faction.


Isn’t that exactly what I just said?

Stop whining and play the dead faction, or try the much livelier one?

(Ruddypiper) #205

What are factions to me?

I’m a soldier of fortune.

I spend most of my time fighting “bad guys” regardless of whether I’m playing this dwarf or my Tauren monk.

  1. Naga invaders
  2. Pirate invaders
  3. Trogg invaders
  4. Quillboar invaders
  5. Angry evil witches
  6. Angry evil wicker creatures
  7. Angry evil Snake people
  8. Wicked evil cannibal Trolls (as opposed to the “good” cannibal trolls)
  9. Ferocious carnivorous plants and animals
  10. Evil lizard people
  11. Evil dragon people
  12. Evil stone people
  13. Hungry dinosaurs
  14. Seagulls and crabs
  15. Weird tentacle monsters
  16. Ghosts and skeletons

A teeny tiny bit of my time sees me killing members of the opposing faction and in every case those various peoples are being bad towards the local inhabitants and fall right into the same group as all of the above.

Basically, I’m the A-Team. I slay monsters to help out the local people. Sometimes the local people are the “government” some times the monsters are the opposing “government” or even the local “government”. Sometimes, I just need money and don’t care either way. And sometimes that poor Murloc has a really nice shiny that I can only get from his corpse.


No, this is actually what you said.


I have no idea what this means in that case.

(Midare) #208

Hate to break it to you, but from the moment she decided to release Illidan despite the warnings back in the day, it was pretty clear Tyrande wasn’t the brighest bulb in the box.

But hey, if you want to idealize her and pretend Blizzard it’s “ruining her”, good on you.