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(Azhaar) #1559

Energy drinks are a scam. They have less caffeine by volume than coffee, and a bunch of sugar and chemicals besides. You want a boost, do your body a favor and have a cup of joe so you at least get antioxidants instead of carcinogens.

(Versca) #1560

I am that person that brings their own coffee beans into work to grind and make a French press iinstead of just having drip like everyone else.

(Ellivara) #1561

Whatever you do, don’t drink the energy shots.

(Sholaad) #1562

The only caffeine I consume is usually pre-workout. One scoop right before a session to get the tingles- love that feeling. Otherwise if I’m not training that day and I decide to go to breakfast at a diner-type place I’ll probably have a cup of coffee for the taste. No other caffeine imbibed…ok well I do have soda sometimes too.

(Ellivara) #1563

Soda is my life. I don’t… really drink anything else. Not that it keeps me awake - sleeping more often than not helps with that. xD.

Soda, at this point, is really just for the taste and to keep the caffeine withdrawal/stress headaches away. Helps calm me down a bit when I get anxious and over-stressed.


My dentist once mentioned he used to have a teenage patient who regularly drank nine cans of monster a day.

Nine cans of monster. Per day.

(Zunde) #1565

Just looking at a can of monster gives me a stomach ache how do you consume nine cans.

(Azhaar) #1566

Aren’t teenagers those critters that deliberately inhale paint fumes? Nothing surprises me anymore.

(Taldorr) #1567

You’re confusing them with young Darwin Award seekers.

(Ellivara) #1568

One in the same, sometimes.

(Windcharger) #1569

Caffeine is bad for my tremors, but I still drink it because who needs steady hands anyway right

(Zandrae) #1570

This is a mood. I have this tremor on my upper left eyelid that is driving me absolutely batty.

(Conjurus) #1571

I know I should be more concerned about the caffeine and sugar than I am, but the thing that actually made me cut back on Mtn Dew Voltage (I don’t drink the regular stuff because I think it tastes foul) was the brominated vegetable oil.

I think the old Mtn Dews are the only drinks left in the U.S. that still use it.

(Azhaar) #1572

I don’t even know what that is but there’s something perfect about Mtn Dew having an ingredient called “bro” anything.

(Windcharger) #1573

I don’t brondterstand, what brocisely are you implying?

(Zunde) #1574

My favorite piece of mountain dew lore is that it started life entirely as something to cut moonshine with.

(Conjurus) #1575

It’s vegetable oil with bromine in it, keeps citrus-drinks from separating into their component parts. Bromine is an element they used to use a lot more, often in medicine, but they realized that too much bromine in the system could result in a whole bunch of medical problems, and was at one point responsible for 5%-10% of psychiatric hospital admissions.

Which sounds pretty bad. One man a few years ago lost the ability to walk, but this guy was drinking eight liters of soda a day.

The consensus seems to be that you’ll get far too much sugar or caffeine from your Mtn Dew before you get too much bromine. Small blessings.

Yeah! “Mountain dew” was apparently an alternate name for moonshine? I tried the moonshine edition in a glass bottle whenever they did that, maybe last year? I’ve never tried actually mixing it with moonshine. Or just tried moonshine at all.

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This thread needs to be locked and sealed away for all time so its evil cannot be unleashed ever again.

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I guess the only option now is report.