Do you feel safe on these forums?

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Y’all should legit watch these videos with Jerome, they’re hilarious:


A rare moment of lucidity

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The ability to embed tweets is going to land me in so much trouble

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takes drag of cigarette and bends over his scotch

Yeah, I knew Cornbread once. Took a liking to some fine lad named Jerome. Never heard from him after he left into the sun that evenin’

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Something definitely isn’t quite right.

Looking over the GM conversation screenshot, it would appear that indeed that account was not associated with the Battletag in the screenshots posted earlier. It also appears to be true that the account being referred to by the GM does not have anything in its logs about money coming from guild banks. The GM also states that the only character from this account that was a member of the main guild he was accused of scamming had no permission to take anything from their bank and was not an officer.

Still, I’m having a hard time wrapping my mind around why such a large group of people would attempt to demonize you over godmoding drama and why they’d make up such a specific and nefarious lie. I feel as though there is a lot we’re clearly missing, because the reaction doesn’t seem to match the offense.

Your admission to willfully impersonating an artist simply to spread their services around was super shady by the way and shows that deception is not something you have a problem with if you can justify it in your own head.

I know that I’ve witnessed my fair share of drama in my 11+ years of playing this game. I’ve seen many others involved in it too. But I have never seen someone become as infamous as you over so little. Which tells me that…well that I’m going to stop riding the bandwagon of asserting the accusations you’ve shown evidence against but that I am also going to keep a comfortable distance and keep my shields up thoroughly.

The Varsig liking all your posts thing and the way in which it was done as has been pointed out is also just…yeah. There are still so many things that are abnormal about this whole interaction. If Varsig is you (and we only have your word that it isn’t), it’s an even stronger indicator of the lengths you’ll go to in order to deceive.

In any case, I don’t think we’re really going to be able to substantiate much more or learn much more with this. So uh…have fun with your acts of kindness. And everyone else, keep your eyes peeled.

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Eight people liked this post.

Now you have to decide which among them are my alts, and which are other people.

Am I secretly Zenrao? Am I Versca? Am I the entirety of the forum cabal, embodied in one spectacularly helmeted being?

We may never know

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You’re all my alts you just don’t know it yet.

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My god. First the Rengshaw Chronicles, and now this? What is even real anymore?


You are all eight people. Including me.

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I’m not even trippin’ you do you, and I do me. I’m okay with that.

Wanna see my account list?

Yeah whatever fam, keep your eyes peeled-on what exactly? What do you predict is actually going to happen that hasn’t happened in the last 3 years that I haven’t spoken up? Not a damn thing had ever come up, until someone recognized me on the forums, but since then everyone was quiet. I’ve been involved with a plethora of guilds on WRA and on MG, how many of them fell apart? How many of them have I taken anything from? How many of them have complained? Zero.
But you know-you dauntingly can join the rest of the bandwagon and make blanketed statements like, “Ooohh watch out, somethings wrong here! He’s probably done something really bad because of what all of these people have said, so it has to be true!”

Y’all literally assume that I gain anything from you, there isn’t anything that any of you could give me that I don’t already have. I’m self sustainable on the Auction House, (meaning I can make my own money), I run three communities of my own that promote the RAOK. You’re acting like I’m here trying to join your guild, become an officer, or steal some of your gold. I don’t even main on your server, I rarely play my alts on WRA or MG. I legit asked y’all only to promote 1 Random act of Kindness, and you’re going to attack me for it.
Its not your ignorance that motivates me, but your hatred-your bandwagon mentality to appeal to popularity in order to discredit my arguments. I have only asked ONE THING OF YOU: Pass on 1 Random act of Kindness on WHATEVER SERVER & it wasn’t “Let me join your guild, become an officer, and have full access to everything you own.”
You are entitled to your own opinion, and I respect the fact that if you choose not to play with me, you can do what you want-but I’m gonna keep doing what I’ve been doing, such as promoting the RAOK, and there’s not a damn thing y’all are gonna do about it. I pay $15.00 a month to play the game, and if I wanna pass on a little kindness in a video game that contains a false sense of achievement, and virtual items to make people happy, then so be it, that’s what I’m gonna do.

So in reality, your arguments are pointless, because they’ve literally achieved nothing. I’m still going to raise awareness for the importance of kindness, and I’m still going to help people-so what you gonna do about it?
The truth is while you guys were here yapping about how I’m the big bad wolf, y’all could have actually been saving your energy and actually been doing stuff to help people smile, laugh, or feel good about themselves in the game. What a serious waste of energy.

You don’t trust me? Good! Now what are you going to do to help OTHER PEOPLE? Meaning, PEOPLE THAT ARENT ME.
Go out and give some bags to people, buy someone some heirlooms, teach someone their class, do something POSITIVE.

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i will not do that

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If y’all really have a problem I invite anyone to speak with me on Discord: Kornbredkhan#1337 because clearly this discussion can be over with much more quickly than posting on the forums.

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We could, but we could also just not do that

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Lol! You haven’t seen me being hateful or jumping on a bandwagon. You’ve seen me being skeptical and evaluating all the information I have available including the evidence you’ve provided. That’s a rather healthy approach. Just because I haven’t fully jumped aboard your ship doesn’t mean I’m committing every logical fallacy in the book. Oh and by the way, trying to force everything into being a logical fallacy is beyond annoying. You might consider easing up on that in your future conversations.

In any case, I think I’m done talking to you. As I said, keep on keepin’ on with your initiative. Keep dismissing all the legitimately strange things people here are picking up on. And you’re right. It’s your fifteen a month, and no one is going to do anything to you. We don’t matter. And neither do you. I’ll do kind things for the people I want to do kind things for.

Bye now.

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It would help if I wasn’t being bombarded by 100’s of different perspectives of people that weren’t even involved on a topic a GM debunked.

I will refute any claims that are based on logical fallacies, and or do not offer objective evidence by a unbiased source (Blizzard).

My goal has been accomplished, getting you to adopt the RAOK.

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A+ :alien: So do these threads ever cap? It’s at 1399 after my post. Do topics never die Now?

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One hundred forty four.

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first post to go over 1400!

…yeah, this thread is either going to stay on the top forever or people will let it die.

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I will never let it die.