Do you feel safe on these forums?

(Sarestha) #1412

I only learned today that we can like ourselves on the forums.

Muahahahaha! Popularity is finally mine!

(Kornbredkhan) #1413

imgur. com/a/swbN1NB
(Also willing to livestream conversation with a Blizzard GM at any time you and I are available. :slight_smile: )

I have explained it thoroughly on the MG forums, you may visit the forums again and reread what I said, but please assure that you do read every bit of it.

(Years ago)
I would complain about peoples Godmoding Icly and take it OOC when I disagreed with them, which was the majority of players. In a way I was a toxic individual, because I contradicted my arguments. The reason why it was so easy for people to dislike me was:
#1. My tips on the AH (Which are also on my Youtube so go ahead and check them out, were used, and when people failed at the AH they blamed me for their losses).
#2. The whole IC / OOC Godmoding arguments.
#3. I was a Godmoder.
#4. I Rp’d as a hardened Gladiator and was also ICLY disrespectful, for example: “Good day sir!” Rshaw replies: “What do YOU want weakling?” Usually didn’t end well for both parties.

I can also verify that I am not Varig, whoever the hell that is. Now apparently because someone has liked all of my posts, you’re associating that person as being me. You want me to livestream all of my characters on Moon Guard? I have no problem doing so. :slight_smile:

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I’m lost as to what is going on in this thread now.

(Kornbredkhan) #1415

They’re attacking me about some BS that happened three years ago, on a different server, with people that don’t even play anymore. The misconceptions have carried on, and a lot of people are apparently making a big deal about something that was debunked by a Blizzard GM. imgur. com/a/swbN1NB
Which I am happy to LIVESTREAM a future conversation via my twitch if needed. :slight_smile:

(Serph) #1416

we got a live one, boys

(Kurukwa) #1417

So you were an a-hole three years ago, but have changed their ways into an over the top positive yoga instructor?

Gonna edit this part out.

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I have a new set of questions that are more important than any of the crap we’ve been talking about.
First: Is a hotdog a sandwich?
Second: How would a dog wear pants?
Third: How do you pronounce GIF?
Fourth: Does Pineapple go on pizza?
Fifth: What is the past tense of yeet?
Sixth: New York thin crust or Chicago Deep Dish Pizza, which is the best?
Seventh: Why is Pepsi better than Coke?
Eighth: What are some Guaranteed Ways to Ruin Your Credit (Wrong answers only).
Ninth: Write a guide on: How to cheat poker the nice way.

I will be answering these as time goes on, you can join me, or talk about the things we’ve been discussing in circles your choice.

Pineapple goes on Pizza btw. :laughing:

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So the read time for Vardig is 7M. 7 Minutes. He has liked you 61 times. That means that he, in his entirety since he joined the new forums, has immediately liked something you posted(and only you) within 7 seconds and then closed the browser window.

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new forums paying off in spades already

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I would say that its Yote, or Yeeth… One of the two.

This will help you decide which one is past tense.

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Okay so I’m reading through this and the new guy that is quoting many people, spewing walls of text, and can’t seem to paragraph break is weirding me out. The number of quotes, lack of paragraph breaks, and what feels like long winded rambling makes his initial post unclear. I’m not sure what his purpose is or what he’s trying to communicate so I can’t comment at this time.

What I can tell you is that from trying to read his posts alone and ignoring any accusations my gut instincts are screaming danger. I don’t know why they’re screaming quite yet but that usually doesn’t happen without a reason. Something’s not quite right here.

(Serph) #1423

How dare you not be distracted by a lol random YT link diversion, Zandrae

(Kornbredkhan) #1424

“So by not accepting what you didn’t do, my gut instincts are screaming danger!”
fallacy of fear my man, look it up! But I think what you should seriously look up is:

Because I think that it isn’t, or maybe it is? I have no idea.

(Karmas) #1425

Basically Zan it is the forum giant band wagon mentality cabal at fault as usual. Stretching our devilish fingers all the way to the Dalaran server. Who knows where we will strike next.

We certainly don’t.



What are you hiding?!

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Nice meltdown

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I would say that its pronounced Gih-FFFFF…
What about you my soft flower?

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No, no. That’s not what is low key ruffling my tail feathers here. It’s something else.

Perfect. 10/10.