Do you feel safe on these forums?

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e: this is just a general post to the like 100 new posts I missed

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If you ever need someone to be a voice against irrational scrutiny, and disdain, I am happy to support you against that seasonal effect. Or anyone really, no matter what server they’re on.

If you actually read my comments above please concerning this issue it’ll answer this misconception. I will quote it for you since you didn’t take the time to do so.

Don’t believe everything you hear or see, that was never my Btag and have volunteered to open a Blizzard GM ticket to prove that I am not associated with that Btag, or ever was. :slight_smile:

I am quite self sustainable and am not currently searching to join any guilds, but even for the ones that I have participated in, I’d like to make mention that I have joined a variety of them, and have never sought to become an officer position in any of them.

Damn right fam!

100% truth.

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Question for everyone.

If I join a guild on WRA, right?
I don’t want an officer position.
I don’t want anyone to give me any items, gold, or materials.
I’m not asking for any kind of personal gain,
how am I to be considered a bad person?

People keep quoting a btag that WASNT EVEN ME.
There is literally nothing I want from any of you BUT to be nice to people, how is any of this warrant distrust, especially since what people represent me with, is a misrepresentation of the actual truth.
We have a strong ad hoc propter hoc fallacy going on.
How does anyone like myself ever expect to show innocents when at every angle, regardless of evidence, I am shown disdain and distrust.
Does Blizzard itself not qualify as evidence enough?
Do videos mean nothing?
It just seems like a giant band wagon mentality attempting to subdue me into a specific position.
So please someone with an unbiased position, please respond to me by giving me some constructive feedback.
I am individual that will not be bullied into submission, I will not be forced to admit to something that I did not do, and I will continue to promote the RAOK, regardless of if you trust me or not.

Remember to promote 1 Random act of Kindness a day because: It will help people smile, it will promote positive values, and offer experiences for other people as to what it means to do nice things for others.

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When I read this, I thought someone just spelled “Helicopter” really poorly.

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Not An Empty Post

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A person doesn’t have to be Literal Varsity Snacks to still be an incredibly annoying person

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This is also a timely classic

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I probably shouldn’t, but I’m going to bite just for a moment.

I suppose if you really want to exonerate yourself and prove that you really are just this super-nice, empathetic person looking to spread positivity despite how strange you’re coming across then do this:

Post your evidence. That means your GM exchange, your videos, whatever.

Explain why it is you think that so many people have targeted you with the exact same accusation which is, to you, so obviously untrue.

Explain exactly what you did in the past that you’ve already admitted to by saying that you were toxic IC and OOC. Don’t be vague.

Aside from that, I don’t see any reason why anyone should change their minds given the information we’ve seen so far.


As a funny side note, I looked up the “Vardig” that liked Cornbread’s post here - from Moonguard, which is where this guy hails from. Zero pets. Zero mounts. Level 17.


EDIT: Hopped over to moon guard, this ‘person’ has done nothing but like every single one of Khan’s posts, lmao.

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I marched in a parade today.

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What kind of parade?

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Local town holiday parade.

I got to throw candy at children.

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zunde angrily pelting youths with milk duds

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Wildstar absolutely lasted much longer than anyone expected, and I adored the setting and some of the art style.

Unfortunately it seams the game was in a slow spiral from the moment it launched due to how inept and egotistical those at the top were, making it less “wow that lasted longer than I expected” and more “wow I can’t believe it took that long to die”

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I can’t enjoy parades anymore. I associate them with my high school band days, where “parade” meant “march in an uncomfortable, sweaty uniform for hours, playing the same song over and over on the biggest bass drum on the planet.”

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You don’t even need to hop over to moonguard. If you select Vardig from the like and look at his activity you will just see him liking cornbread 61 times and no one else. That’s a certain level of dedication that both impresses and terrifies me.


This reads like someone watching me eat at Boston Market.


I’m just gonna put that down as ‘Varig is Cornbread’ then :stuck_out_tongue: . Varig Cornbread sounds like it’d taste…uh. interesting.