Do you feel less enjoyment by boosting?

Nah, they can simply be interested in getting the FOMO cosmetic and going back to what they actually enjoy doing in the game.

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That’s actually in the game though as an official avenue to gain power. I get the idea but it’s not the same.

Buying services from a guild isn’t against the rules so is that “official”?

*with gold

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No because they didn’t put in an interface, or an AH category to buy them. You know what I mean, you’re kind of splitting hairs here. You can rationalize it however you want, but I’m quite sure you understand what I mean.

Isn’t sales getting their own category in Premade Group Finder? Didn’t I read that some where? So that makes it official, right?

Making rational points isn’t splitting hairs.

Thank you, I knew I read that.

Not yet, they’re putting in a boosting sales channel in 9.2.7.


To op, I have personally been having ratbrain (that inclination to hoard shinies) lately. Meaning I’ve been having the hankerings to boost for the fomo cause I know for sure I won’t get mythic sylvanas/jailer mounts this expansion. And the mythic teleports look interesting. Shame they probably aren’t account-wide even though the achievement is, unlike ksm/CM achievements.

But I told myself no, if I didn’t boost (needed 2400) for my last rank 4 essence in bfa to get azeroth’s champion (a far rarer title). Then scrambling for scraps now would be stupid. Effort put in the game is more rewarding than have someone else do it for you and you trying to pawn it off. If I had all the fomo from every time in wow prior, and I had suddenly fell off in SL, then probably yes. However for me as I am now, it’s just another set of pixels going into the not-done pile.

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I mean, it mostly sounds like you don’t like doing the content, you are doing the content strictly for the rewards and you have pretty bad case FOMO syndrome.

But hey, if you got the cash, whatever.

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Yea, they are putting in its own channel. I suspect this is to stop annoying people in trade though, and I don’t think people will actually use it.

I know Blizzard is fine with it unless it involves real money. But in effect, all of it involves real money in a lot of cases. With that money going straight to Blizzard in a microtransaction type of way. How much did the Brutosaur cost? $1900 or something? They put that in just as much for people with a ton of gold to buy, as people to buy tokens to get.

Same reason they are fine with gold boosting.

At the end of the day, you’re buying an item or achievement that you wouldn’t normally have through the course of playing the game. I find that so pointless.

  1. Blizzard actually made rules about where to post boosting ads.

  2. We’re getting an actual boosting sales chat channel next week, so yes, I’d say there’s an “official avenue” in the game.

I know it basically means it’s in my mount journal and I don’t have to beat myself up over not having it.

Cool, so if you don’t want to level up your alchemy, you shouldn’t be able to use pots and flasks then, right?

Oh god it’s human beak. I’m out guys. GL with your morally grey practices!!!

Tbf a lot of this game is not fun these days, and a simple metric to show is just the drop in population vs prior eras. And the general amount of people playing classic at launch that did take blizz by surprise. Imagine being a retail dev then and finding out people were not liking your work but that of actual neckbeards that slept on the floor and drank filter paper coffee vs a candied up starbucks daily.

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It’s ok to be wrong. It’s part of being human.

And I understand that point but my end game is mount collecting. I don’t care about item level or my rating in pvp/m+, just what my mount count is.

To me, there’s no difference between buying a mount from a vendor, buying a mount from a guild or buying a mount from the AH. They’re all +1 to my bean counter.


I am really not happy about this. It just gives a foot in the door for the whole practice and the moderation is something I believe will be lax cause they can’t even keep rmt ads out of the game. It’ll be profitable to post everywhere regardless still.

Also last I checked it’s not an opt-in channel.

Out of the 963 or 964 mounts (whole account) currently how many do you got?

Literally nothing will change other than the rules being updated to say “Post in this channel instead of trade”.

RMTers will continue to violate the rules and post wherever they want. Meanwhile, we’ll know where to go for legit boosters.


That Armory/Mount Tab count is waaaay off.

Out of the 811/817 (depends on which website you use), I have 613.

If they made the Sylvanas mount BoE and let mythic raiders put it on the AH I doubt guilds would be able to sell even 10% of the Sylv kills they’ve been selling (although to be clear, I’m glad they don’t.)

I do remember seeing an interview (I think on reddit?) with a guy who sold key carries, and he said the vast majority of people who bought from him were just there for the KSM mount - he offered loot stacking and hardly anybody took him up on it.

Personally the only reason I grabbed a couple 20s was for the ports for post-SL achievement hunting/easy Necrotic Wake mount farming in DF.


I just still don’t like it. The game for me is an escapism and a place to work on more immediate goals (no different than any hobby). To see metrics be distilled down eventually to a dollar value, just puts me off from the whole affair.