Do you ever feel like there's karma in solo shuffle?

Today for example: I dc’d twice in less than one hour with 150 rating penalty while playing prot on my warrior.

Later today: I helped a double melee lobby send an augvoker to the 0-6 purgatory.

It all kind of balanced out. I probably got what I deserved for playing a tank, then gave it back to the newest tank on the block.

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Augs need to be punished. I took my daughter to Petco last weekend and dropkicked an Iguana.


now that u bring this up do you think the packers sacrificed this season to disable aaron rogers?


def dom, punished, agreed

Haha Jim excellent comment. Does it concern you that multiple admitted leaks have happened from Biolabs in America and the gov has essentially confirmed that’s what happened with COVID but that’s seen as racism and therefore not real? I think it’s alarming how many leaks the CDC has had let alone less secure facilities

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after lots of friends die around u. how do u feel about spending trillions to keep boomers alive?

Can you elaborate on the leaks? I need to understand more about the circumstances to express my level concern. Thank you.

Jim, come down to South Florida. They will pay you to hunt Iguanas. We need you more than ever.


Dang, really? How well does it pay? Does it make more than a career AWC player ($15-20,000 annually)?


isnt Aug getting mega nerfed in 10.2?

karma is dumb to think about because what if doing something bad to someone was their bad karma coming back to them which would make doing that good karma. so no point caring. think of life like a car crash. ur gonna die

About $10 per adult Iguana. If you want to really spicy it up you can also hunt the Python here for a few hundred dollars.

So yes, you’ll be making about triple of AWC player in no time with your skills and hatred for the reptilian species.

For every 50 iguanas I take out, an Aug player is kicked out of their parents basement.

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The Cdc leaked a rare flesh eating bacteria and the outbreak was so bad it’s not really rare now I think several people died// lost limbs.

Wuhan not a leak tho of course that would be racist (somehow)

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Can you link any sources so I can reflect on this information?

No I cannot link on the forums but it is searchable details of leaks comes out from foia spams since they won’t admit it freely

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It would be great if you couldn’t post on the forums either so I didn’t have to read this garbage

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Yeah cov doesn’t care about anything that isn’t extremely vanilla checks

Weaponzied virus leaks? Yeah who cares as long as it doesn’t affect me or football!

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I read an article where a woman got botulism from a Farmer’s Market homemade Pesto. That scared me. Doors and I frequent Famer’s Markets for grass fed organic beef and fresh Whole Milk to support our alpha frames. I got to be careful of bacteria and CDC leaks.