Do You Actually Lose To Bears?

I mean neither of us are locks… sooooo… that’s argument is invalid yet ours no matter the raid tier were on isn’t…

Dh + Bear with both having pve tank healing trinkets, i think i wanted to uninstall the game, ive never been more frustrated in my life than facing this as i couldnt get the dh below 50% even with full cooldowns while i kited and killed myself on brambles. like absolutely unfun and would rather face dh + healer anyday.

You are my hero

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God forbid boring and skilless players rank up in arena.
cough Warrior cough
cough DH cough
cough BM cough

It’s not that. It is that as a bear there is very very little to react to. Like as a DH you could save blade dance CD for a split second to avoid a stun, and on warrior you can berserk rage something to pummel, you can pull off a leap behind a hard cast to avoid it, stuff like that.

Bear druid does absolutely nothing but be there. The most it does is pop out to swiftmend. Those classes at least do things proactively and reactively. Bear druid just exists.

BM? I don’t exactly see a lot of any hunters in arena these days.

And I don’t think DH or war is nearly as broken or brainless as bear right now.


Cat/Human form into Wild Charge to avoid a hard cast. Shifting into bear when the stun is coming.
Same principles.

There’s literally no reason to do it as a bear though.

You would be pro PvE lmao.

It is a PvE game after all :roll_eyes:

Tbh I just lose to everything so idk

I get an Oscar when I fight a bear. :crazy_face:

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I dueled my bear on my undergeared alt from my other account when I was testing something.

I lost to brambles proccing ancient flame, moonfire, and battlefield focus. :frowning:

It’s obvious you’re clueless. You left Destro out of your list btw.

Sounds like you need to Git Gud

gg leo /10char

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Take his stuff with a grain a salt, as he is a magic caster that is ignoring defensives that you would have to go through: ie armor

Special report Bob, we just got confirmation high armor does nothing vs magic. Back to you Bob

Just get a getcutti and bleed them to death

I double tap rapidfire a gaurdian and his brambles took half my hp, each shot procs it there is no icd =[