Do we have an answer as to why Ranks don't update...?

Why is it so random? Last week mine cut off at about 9AM CST (of course when I was 2% and working!) from R10, so had to stretch out ANOTHER week, this week it’s 1:30 and nothing.

Update, is now 5:30 and nothing.

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its blizzard what did you expect something to actually work right?

Why don’t you wait about an hour and try again? My rank updated just fine.

This thread happens Every. Single. Week.


I’m asking if there is an answer as to why this happens, I’m not “complaining” that mine hasn’t.

Although it has been well over an hour and it still has not if you were curious.

Blue response to the same question.


I do find it kind of ridiculous though, I mean it’s now 5 PM CST and still, nothing has changed. Will be pretty irritated if I have to MC without my new gear, when last week it had updated literally 14 hours earlier.

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Very good contribution!