Do warfronts actually have ramifications?


did we kill magnis brother?
did the alliance kill etrigg?
what leaders actually fell during the battle of stromgauard / darkshore???

(Revolutionx) #2

I think it’s all hypothetical, but I’m not really sure. I don’t think the final boss of each warfront is considered ‘dead’.

(Laugh) #3

The events that transpire within Warfronts aren’t canon.
So Muradin and Etrigg are fine.


man that sucks q-q
i feel like this will be a great opportunity to make the character impact the world.

(Fallynn) #5

Nooooo you can’t have Liadrin!!!

(Spotti) #6

Nope, just re-playable content to get gear or have something ‘‘to do’’ in-game.

(Eternosus) #7

Each run of an instance is one of the possible oucomes in some parallel universe?


night elf stop smoking those strange devil plants.
we worry about you.

(Elylvannia) #9

So guess that means Liandrin is alright, I was wondering about her since she showed up at the last boss. (I like her, but that probably would shift depending exactly how on Sylvana’s side she is, or if she’s like Garona, saying she has to do this even if she doesn’t agree with the methods)


We don’t really do anything. Lore wise it’s always some other character and we’re just bland foot soldiers who were lucky to be there.

So we won’t know what is cannon until this is all over.


That’s right! Warfronts are not only pointless in gameplay, they’re pointless in lore too.