Do the M.V.P players have in-game privileges?

What cosmic Powers do they possess to be an M.VP?

Do they not put their socks on one at a time like we do and what are they doing right at this very moment?

No they get nothing but green text and alpha invites/beta invites

They get picked more for testing new content.

That is about it.

Squat, zero, zilch. That’s a good thing. You got one who stole wow for a “private” server. One who afks in lfr while crying about it. And last an elitist. Blizz needs to take a look at the current “mvps”


Nothing, really. This might help, there’s a post in here about MVPs:


Pretty sure you don’t know much about the MVPs… especially considering you listed three call outs and there are more MVPs than that. LOL

I didn’t name names. I’d say I have a better idea about our “mvps” than you. Nothing I started is wrong.

Mkay. You keep believing that there are only three and you know everything. Have fun with that. :kissing_heart:


Let’s use some critical thinking here. Did I list more than 3? Then I obviously have no issue with the others. gasp. After palehoof and snowfox I’m surprised they even bothered with the “mvp” program again.

You really aren’t very good at trolling and defending awful “mvp” players are ya?

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lol nice. But in all fairness, MVP is only forums MVP and has nothing to do with the actual game.

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They throw their socks in the air and jump into them. Such is the power of the green text.


I would be a MVP but I got silenced about making a joke about gnome’s reproductive organs to then have a silence stain my record and no I will not explain the context.

Yes, totally. This is exactly how I put socks on, how did you know?


Its kinda good that they don’t get anything in game. Example eve online there is a council and players are elected, of course this can be abused and big corps/alliances can pay someone who got into the council to try and push that corps agenda.

Yeah, who cares about shoes with self-tieing shoelaces. I want socks that auto-install.

(Observation): It is a good thing Unit Exacitor has never thought of becoming an MVP. This requirement for socks to jump into would be vexing considering I no longer have feet, but magnificent mechanical prosthetics.

They used to get moderation on their side…as things went more automated they don’t seem to have that protection. Hence why an ex mvp left because the rules applied to them suddenly.

There are some good mvps… But many more…less than Good ones.

Don’t forget that one defended a broken search function because the forums were getting replaced… The search function took 6 months to fix… It’s okay for a multi billion dollar company to leave things broken

Oh… if that would’ve been done, you probably wouldn’t have said anything in the first place, sir. I’m not the one who’s trolling.

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Honestly not so sure if that has to do with the green text but rather their actions in the community. Community leaders or people who are helpful and do not break the rules I have heard get higher chances of being invited. At least during the early stages. It is done this way to create a more tight group of people that provide useful commentary/feedback and a in general better testing environment.

Is there any truth to the rumor that you can spin around and your clothes turn into your secret MVP uniform?

MVPS are last I recall, voted by the community to be one. They have no special abilities