Do the Headless Horseman hard mode curses do anything for drops?

Starting to believe it’s pure placebo.

If I see one more of that pumpkin pet I’m going to lose it.



I got a Scarlet Key on my Evoker the first time I did it, around 421 item level.

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I still click the wickerman in the hopes for it to help me out with getting Arfus. Afterward when Arfus doesn’t drop I think “why did I bother clicking that stupid stick man”.


Its supposed to increase the chance of getting the mount for the first kill. I’m not sure if that applies to other drops though.


got my key day 1 and got the mount today so ima say yes.

Allegedly. Tried it today and promptly got pounded into the pavement.

I did get a nice sword that I can’t use on my fury warrior.

Lets see…18 magic brooms…dozen or so rings can’t use…couple swords I can’t use…almost 30 pumpkin pets …arghhh…but no Arfus…sigh…


I took one curse on my first run yesterday and got the drake skin. Will try again today and see what happens.

I have the mount so I’m not trying for that but would like Arfus.

Sure doesn’t feel like it. All i get are these stupid broomsticks. I’ve got 5 of them already! Every time i kill the boss one drops.

So I wasted the first day then. Awesome lol.

The broom sticks and the pumpkin pet. I got 1 hundred of each it feels like lol.

The fight also seems to take longer also. I preffered the old fight.

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Honestly makes me think of silver surfer episode of avgn.

Godd… Another mother beepin pumpkin!!!

I think they gave him more health or something. He died a lot quicker before. it’s annoying, the fight isn’t a threat or a problem at all since his damage is mediocre. But the slowness of killing him is pretty bothersome


No it is frustrating. I am just sick of seeing the same items over and over and over again, just like alot of other folks are. I just am tired of running the instance to, as everyone else is.

As cool as arfas and the drake armor are, I want the headless horseman mount more than anything. Zulian tiger was the only other thing that came close. And blizz took that away, and now I have to play the BMAH to get it, which is way harder to do.

Oh and I have never seen the key yet either that supposedly drops. Yes I can buy it, but I am sub zero beyond broke in this game. And 50 k for 1 key just won’t cut it right now. The economy is so bad in this game right now that if there is a way to get it for free, that is the route I take. So I am hoping everything drops for folks that want them soon.

Oh and blizz, make it so anything that drops in the loot bag has a 2 hour trade window. That is the nail in the coffin. I wonder how many horseman mounts and all that get deleted every year for players who get them who already have them, but are forced to delete them, instead of being able to give them to a player who actually can use them. Like what a waste yo.

And blizzard has thought of everything. I tried to create a trial toon to see if I could just keep creatin them and have permanent chances to get hh mount that way. Nope. Trial classes start at 60 and get a loot stuffed blue quality loot bag. What the heck blizz lol.


When did the nerf the fight? The first time I did it, at level 70, the horsemen had 70 million hp.

Now, with four curses, he has 20 million. Does each active curse lower his health by 12.5 million or something?

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I do beileve it is placebo. All I have seen is that the fight now takes longer to kill him. That is really all that happens. And now we have even more rng to fight against if you want the drake armor and arfas pet. Great.

I clicked the wicker and got all the curses on day one having no idea what that meant and then the fight started and I was like “the heck is all this? This is different. Oh bad stuff move” in my head and got a scarlet key. I didn’t know what it was and stupidly didn’t bother to ask to look it up. I just threw it in the AH for 8k as that was what it was selling for at the time. Today it’s 14. I wonder if you get the key once it it’s possible to loot it again cause im definitely not paying 15k just to run vanilla dungeons again. But if I looted one I’d pop in to get some nostalgia serotonin and then leave