Do People Enjoy Larger Raid Sizes?

Genuine question, I have been playing since wow originally launched and have seen the raids in all of their various forms, and I just wonder are there people out there that actually prefer > 10 player raids? If so why?, I am genuinely interested to know.

As for me, I feel like over 10 people and it becomes more difficult to recruit / find / schedule events. Even after you go through the trouble of finding 20 people you want to socialize with who are ok at the game and can meet up at the same time each week you are left with people not really being able to hangout or have fun because you can’t have 20 people having conversations at the same time in the same channel.

Looking at my groups experience in SoD in phase 3 I can already see that people are having less fun this season then they did in phase 2. Mostly because we see each other now twice a week and for the entire bit of content we are doing together we aren’t really able to have the fun conversations that we were able to have while raiding gnomer.

I would love to see 10 man options moving forward or flex raiding in Season of Discovery.


its not about the size of the Raids that matter but how you use them. Some people prefer smaller raids because that smaller raid group knows what to do better and it just feels right. I know everyone like the bigger Raids just because they are bigger but bigger is not always better sometimes the small raids perform just as good


Larger raid sizes feel more epic in an mmo and raid environments will be larger in design to accommodate more people present which in itself creates an atmosphere. Otherwise you get a small dungeon feel with less people or something like FF14.

The problem is being realistic in modern gaming. The same reason people love megaservers and mentioning casual dad design philosophy is why big raids are simply becoming outdated. For those who haven’t raid or guild lead, scheduling, absences, and recruiting have always been the biggest hurdles to fun, followed closely by internal guild drama. Larger raid has a direct correlation to making all of those things worse and at best case requiring more time IRL for your officers.


It gets old when people make statements like this. You have any actual numbers to back this up? Personally I have enjoyed this phase significantly more than P3 and am hoping they don’t kill 40 player raids.

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You have any actual numbers to back this up?

You want numbers for a personal experience? We had a fun of 9 in phase 2 and now it is at a 4 in phase 3.

“Looking at my groups experience” is based off of me chatting with the members of my raid group who raided together through phase 2 and have grown and are raiding together in phase 3. It has been a pretty unanimous feeling amongst my group with the only people who didn’t feel this way being more apathetic to the change.

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I don’t really care either way, but it does seem like 20 man raids completely killed parsing epeen measurement.

My sweet spot is between 10-20. Anything larger than 20 just feels unnecessary. I’ve said it once and I’ll repeat it. Flex raids fix a LOT of issues that both sides have.


I don’t care about your personal experience. Do you have numbers saying “the general sentiment is that people prefer P2.” The answer is no. You don’t. You have grand statements without evidence.

Well gee, that must mean that you can take your sample size of like 20 players and assume that the thousands playing also agree right?

@FayId you need to learn to read and comprehend before you respond to people. I said “Looking at my groups experience” meaning that I am talking about the people I am playing with and no one else.

Please learn to read and think.

No, you are using your group’s experience as a springboard to address what you consider a larger “issue” of “larger groups bad” rather than sticking to your original premise of asking people on the forum for their thoughts.

It is an attempt to persuade people that your opinion is shared by the masses so that your “question” appears to have more legitimacy than simply being a complaint by one player representing the feelings of a small group of players.

Larger raids need to be puggable (made easy enough)

Wow so you mean that I am using my own personal experience to ask a question to the larger group to see if others disagree with me and why?

I am interested in learning if people like larger raids and why they do because the people I play with don’t.

Instead of arguing with me about my experience you should just say "I like 20 or 40 man raids because of X,Y, and Z

Instead of trying (poorly) to attack my posts intention. Also poorly used straw man arguments are sad.

Except I don’t believe that is what you actually hope to achieve with this post. I don’t for one second believe you will take any of the responses and apply them to yourself or your group to see if maybe thinking about larger groups the way others do will change your opinion on them.

So what does that leave us with? You are hoping others will pile on and say “I also hate 20 player raids.”

Straw man arguments are sad, your beliefs mean nothing to me.

Another question that should be put on a survey.


Flex raiding fixes every problem. You want a huge epic raid or a small tightknit group of friends? No problem! We can do both.


Oh really. Care to elaborate on how reading the reasons other players prefer larger raids will impact your enjoyment of the game in any way?

At this point I just imagine you are trolling because I don’t think in the age of free online education anyone could be this slow.

Share why you like 20-40 man raids or just troll someone else please :slight_smile:

When we had less people we talked and goofed around much more. Now it feels more “official”. People are silently going through the raid, only making callouts.


I strongly prefer larger raid sizes. It gives you much more leeway in terms of raid comp, and it just feels more epic, which for me is a big selling point in MMOs.

And personally, I’ve never found 20/25 man raiding to be too difficult to maintain. As long as you get the healers and the tanks covered, the DPS are normally pretty easy to fill in as needed.